Color Label Printer Unwinders/Rewinders

Taking Up the Slack

Vivid Data Group offers Unwinders and Rewinders from companies ranging from Afinia and Epson to DPR and LabelMate. Unwinders and rewinders help automate the printing process by allowing you to do print runs unattended. Label unwinders/rewinders provide a convenient way for you to manage large rolls of labels as they feed into and out of the printer. The use of an external unwinder/rewinder allows the use of larger rolls than those that typically fit inside most built-in unwinds. This helps to reduce your cost per label and also saves you time since you don’t have to change your label rolls or splice them together as often. Unwinders and rewinders can be powered or unpowered. You can also choose between a solid chuck or an adjustable chuck to hold your label rolls. Solid core chucks are usually 1 or 3 inches but adjustable chucks can accommodate a wide range of sizes. Dancer arms are a useful option for unwinders and rewinders to help control tension and speed. Free-standing unwinders and rewinders can be moved around and used with a number of different printers. We have unwinders and rewinders that can match the varying widths of numerous printers. Plates to keep the unwinders and rewinders in line with the printers are available as well.

  • Automate label printing tasks
  • Easy operation and adjustments
  • Some models feature an auto-slit capability
  • The rewind speed can be adjusted incrementally
  • Unwinders provide a convenient way to manage supply material.
  • Rewinders are efficient time savers that rewind material into clean and uniform rolls.
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