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The Vivid Data Group Support Team has extensive knowledge-base and support capabilities. We understand that when something goes wrong you need solutions which is why Vivid Data Group provides next-day on-site support for end-users in verified regions and virtual support for all end-users across the nation. When you have a question regarding your printer’s capabilities, a software question, or if something goes awry, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Vivid Data Group Support Team!

Technical Support

Vivid Data Group offers first-class technical support through email, telephone, or Skype ( To log a ticket with the HelpDesk, please call 855-848-4332 Option 2 or by clicking the link below:Click here to submit a technical support request.

Manuals & Downloads

Vivid Data Group offers direct downloads for the most important manuals, drivers, and other downloads for your device.

Click here to find and download printer manuals and downloads.

Technical Video Library

Vivid Data Group has a vast public library of technical videos. This public video library will aid operators with the setup and operation of their label printer.

Click here to gain access to Vivid Data Groups’ vast Technical Video Library.

Remote Desktop Support

Vivid Data Group utilizes FixMe.IT to connect to your PC. Remote Desktop access will make it seem as if a Vivid Data Group Technical Support Team Member is standing right next to you. Utilizing the FixMe.IT Remote Access software we will be able to diagnose printing problems, install software and firmware, and assess label orientation and layout issues. This quick virtual support option will allow the printing operator to link up with a Vivid Data Group Technical Support Team Member within a few clicks of a button. Prior to reaching out to the Vivid Data Group Technical Support Team, download the Client version of FixMe.IT by clicking the link below.

Click here to visit Fixme.IT for remote desktop support


To ensure our end-users are comfortable with the technology, Vivid Data Group offers both on-site training and virtual training. The cost for both on-site and virtual training is not built into the cost of the printer and is dependent on client location and boarding cost. Both the virtual and on-site training is geared towards ensuring the end-user is comfortable operating the printer, interacting with the print driver, and performing all preventative maintenance on the machine as well.


For prospective clients, Vivid Data Group is able to provide online demonstrations of any product currently in its fleet. If you are interested in a specific model of printer, reach out to a Vivid Data Group Account Representative and they can set up an online demonstration for you through Skype. Send an email to with the model of printer you are interested in and a Vivid Data Group Account Representative will touch base with you in no time!

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