Canon LX-D5500 Inkjet Label Printer


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4” Dye-Based Label Printer for High-Quality, Fast Performance & Versatility

The Canon LX-D5500 Inkjet Label Printer is a reliable, flexible, and high-performance dye-based color label printing solution that delivers clear and vibrant labels and can help improve efficiency and productivity. The LX-D5500 label printer is ideal for printing product labels, distribution, and logistics labels, and retail and warehouse labels. This printer can use both a blank roll of paper and fanfold paper. It also supports a wide variety of paper types, such as matte paper and glossy paper. With flexible support, the printer allows you to print specific labels at the time they are needed, eliminating the need to store preprinted labels. The printer has the capability to print up to 1200 x 1200 dpi as well as up to 200mm per second. With high-density printing, the bar codes will scan faster, and the small test will be more visible.

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  • Dye-based ink for colorful and vivid graphics
  • Prints up to 4″ wide on roll or fan-folded media
  • Optional rewinder accessory available
  • First print-out time: 10 seconds or less
  • Print resolution up to 1200 dpi
  • Roll capacity up to 200mm
  • USB and Ethernet connectivity


On-Demand Label Printing with Increased Productivity and Flexibility

The Canon LX-D5500 Inkjet Label Printer can use both blank roll paper and fanfold paper, and it supports a variety of paper such as matte paper and glossy paper. This allows specific labels to be created for the correct application at the same time. There is no need to keep multiple types of pre-printed labels in inventory since you are able to print only what is needed for each task - this eliminates the need to store preprinted label inventory- saving valuable office space, as well as a reduction in individual label costs.

With Inkjet printing you can individually create labels that are specific to each product or task. For example, this means that items can have color-coded inventory labels, allowing items to be retrieved faster since it has increased visibility to improve operational efficiencies.

High-Quality and Fast Performance

The Canon LX-D5500 4" Dye-based Inkjet Label Printer is capable of 1200 x 1200 dpi High-resolution printing and fast print speeds of up to 200mm per second.1 High-resolution printing allows for the sharp reproduction of high-density bar codes and small text, which allows for more accurate, faster scanning and identification that is consistently clear. The LX-D5500 is an Inkjet Label Printer that utilizes dye-based ink. Dye-based ink is ideal for creating brilliant and expressive labels that can capture a customer's attention and make your products stand out. The colors are brighter and more vivid than pigment inks, and the blacks they produce can be much deeper. The LX-D5500 4" Dye-Based Inkjet label printer can give you professional print quality for all your on-demand labels. This helps your sales team and customers, allowing for the ability to print on-demand eye-catching products, information, and promotional labels. Also, since it can handle labels with a minimum length of 6 mm to a large label of 500 mm, it is possible to create a wide range of specific labels for various applications and industries.

Less Waste with Increased Security

Inkjet label printers are simply more efficient than thermal ribbon printers by how they use ink. While thermal transfer ribbons use an entire area of ribbon, including the parts that are not used, Inkjet printing is efficient and only uses ink on the parts to be printed. Not only is this more efficient by reducing waste, but it allows for faster print speeds allowing for increased productivity.

Regardless of the size and design of the label, thermal ribbon printing consumes the ribbon even if sections aren't used or printed on. Because Inkjet label printers only use the necessary ink for each the label size and design, it is more economical and reduces waste. Moreover, since the printed information will not be recorded on ribbons, it keeps sensitive information safe, whereas thermal ribbons need to be discarded which can leave customer, client, and company information exposed.

Environment In Mind

The LX-D5500 printer complies with both the EU RoHS and WEEE directives for the reduction of hazardous substances and waste products. In addition, on-demand label printing can assist with sustainability efforts since it eliminates the overprint of excess labels that might become obsolete and need to be disposed of.

Language Emulator

The Canon Label Print Language Emulator is designed to enhance the compatibility and integration of Canon label printers. This downloadable software enables Canon label printers to support existing ZPL®7 applications seamlessly. The Canon Label Print Language Emulator also enables users to register color background images and use them behind the rendered image from ZPL commands.

Additional information

Weight 56 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 23 × 16 in

Dye-based Inkjet


1200 x 1200 dpi


First Print Out Time 4" x 3" Label: 10 seconds or less, Default Print Speed 7.9 inches/second (200 mm/second)


Label Roll Media & Label Fanfold Media (IJ Coated: Matte or Glossy)


Width (Including Liner): 1.0 – 4.7" (25.4 – 120 mm) Length 0.24 – 15.75" (6 – 400 mm)


Width Up to 4.17" (105 9 mm), With Auto Ink Saver (AIS) Mode "On"


Approx. 45,000 Sheets

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