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Printronix LP654C Color LED Printer


The Printronix LP654C Color LED Printer is the world’s smallest Letter/A4 size printer yet capable of printing speeds up to 35ppm in high-definition color. The LP654C’s innovative space-saving technology includes full front access, allowing the printer to fit and operate in a very tight space, only requiring 20mm space around the sides.

Utilizing Space Saving Technology, the LP654C is the world's smallest A4 color LED printer, delivering high-end performance, print quality, and media handling, cost-effectively. Compact, yet powerful, the LP654C offers best-in-class performance for your business.

LP844C_1000x1000Printronix LP844C Color LED Printer

The Printronix LP844C Color LED Printer is a compact, high-performance, high-efficiency printer; it is the world's smallest A3 color printer, perfect for printing large volume jobs in uncompromising quality while keeping operation costs low, and taking up little room in your workspace.

Your business deserves a powerful device that seamlessly fulfills your requirements, and the Printronix LP844C packs loads of performance, increases productivity, and ultimately improves workflow efficiency. Compact and powerful thanks to its LED technology and space-saving design you can count on this device to be robust, printing the greatest quality and cost-effectively.

In addition, both the LP654C and LP844C feature expandable sheet capacity and ultra-durable drums and substrates, and can create prints up to 52" in length, allowing you to complete high-volume print jobs of all sizes suited for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Why Choose Printronix?

Printronix Color Printers offer industry-grade color Light-Emitting Diode (LED) printers that are suited for when you need the best of the best in print quality and printing speeds. LED-based color printers work similarly to laser toner printers such as those used at home and offices everywhere, but provide the quality of toner printing while being more durable machines, thanks to the more robust design of LED printer hardware.

Both Printronix LP654C and LP844C Color LED Printer models offer great versatility for any kind of business -- quickly create stickers for vinyl flooring or windows, freestanding or hanging banners, and other kinds of signage for your retail space; print materials like waterproof menus, tent cards, door hangers, event materials and vouchers for your hotel or restaurant to inform and impress your customers; do away with high MOQs, long lead times and inconsistent printer performance in exchange for on-demand GHS labels that allow you to easily conform to changing regulations at industrial settings, and deliver a myriad of documents like teaching materials, test sheets, ID cards and so much more for students and faculty at your school.

For more than 40 years, Printronix has been addressing global customer needs for mission-critical industrial printing; they are well-known throughout automotive, retail, food & beverage, government and utilities, and transportation and logistics enterprises across the globe.

Vivid Data Group is proud to offer the best of the best when you need high performance, durability, and versatility at a low cost -- presenting the Printronix LP654C and LP844C Color LED Printers.

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