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At Vivid Data Group we have spent years helping our customers improve their label printing and finishing processes. Our sales team has learned the value of good Label Finishing Systems and which features continue to pay for themselves again and again. This knowledge allows us to curate the most useful, cost-effective label finishers available. Vivid Data Group offers two distinctive finishing options. Digital Label Finishing Systems allow the user to digitally cut, laminate, and produce completed label rolls at up to 30 feet per minute while the Semi-Rotary Label Finishing Systems allow the user to die-cut, laminate, and rewind the finished label rolls onto multiple take-up mandrels at up to 90 feet per minute.

Digital finishing ensures accurate and consistent cutting of labels. Whether it’s intricate shapes or simple rectangles, the precision remains high. Consistency across multiple labels is crucial for branding and the professional appearance of your labels. Digital finishing is ideal for short runs and customized labels. It is easy to switch between different label designs without lengthy setup times. These systems handle various finishing tasks in a single pass: unwinding, lamination, die-cutting, waste removal, slitting, and rewinding. Talk to one of our experts here at Vivid Data Group to determine the best finishing solution for your business.

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