Microcom 360C Color Laser Ticket and Label Printer



Fast, High-Quality, On-Demand Full-Color Wristbands, Labels and Tickets

If your organization requires on-demand printing of full-color wristbands, event tickets, and various types of passes and labels the versatility of the Microcom 360C will be a perfect fit. This compact printer is portable, durable, and built to provide the reliability needed for the quick turnaround of a multitude of tasks.

The Microcom 360C Color Laser Ticket and Label Printer is the first Microcom printer capable of CMY color printing. Housed in a compact footprint, the printer uses standard (non-thermal) media to create high-definition, full-color images on demand. The fast 6” per second print speed lets users print a batch of premium color tickets quickly. The 360C has easily replaceable parts and affordable toner cartridges to keep the printer in top condition for many years after purchase. Microcom is a leading innovator of professional printing solutions. The 360C can be customized to print a range of labels for industries including transportation, retail, aviation parking, banking, lottery, healthcare, warehousing/distribution, hospitality, and entertainment. Printing wristbands in-house offers several advantages for hospitals, concert events, and any event requiring visitor control and verification. With an in-house wristband printer, you can create custom-printed wristbands tailored to your event. Add your logo, event details, or even barcodes for better tracking. Branded wristbands are more likely to be saved by attendees as mementos, enhancing your brand identity. Visitors won’t be able to enter restricted areas or beer and wine gardens by observing the color of the day and wearing generic-colored wristbands. The custom wristband offers enhanced security.


  • LED three-color printing (CMY)
  • Industrial rotary cutter
  • USB, Ethernet and WIFI (optional)
  • Continuous, fan-fold, and cut sheet paper
  • Black mark, hole, and gap media detection
  • Paper up to .009” thick
  • PCL XL programming language
  • Affordable toner cartridges
  • Adjustable paper guides


The Microcom 360C Color Laser Ticket and Label Printer also gives you the ability to produce full-color labels in-house. The toner-based printing technology allows the use of a wide range of compatible media and you can produce as few or as many as you need. Bringing short-run label printing in-house eliminates waste and reduces cost. With in-house label printing, you can make changes instantly. For example, if you need in-house printing allows you to customize labels with variable data for each customer. If you need to modify ingredients or other label details, you can do that instantly and then print the exact amount of labels you need on demand. Another great advantage of having a Microcom 360C in-house is the fact you have complete control of the quality of the print job. You have the ability to make adjustments as needed and monitor the printing process from start to finish.

If you need to print tickets for an event or meeting the Microcom 360C can bring your ticket printing in-house allowing you to manage costs effectively. You have the flexibility to select the paper, color, and design that fits your requirements. Printing tickets in-house eliminates setup charges and fees from outside printing companies. Equally important, by having a Microcom 360C in-house you can print a small run or large because you have the control. Of course, you can add your logo, barcode, and design just the style ticket you need.

Compact Size with Big Color

The Microcom 360C Color Laser Ticket and Label Printer is an ideal solution for a wide variety of businesses. Patient wristbands in full color, even on-demand tickets for the entertainment and movie industry are simplified and fast-tracked using the 360C. In addition, the printer can generate point-of-need results for event ID wristbands or quick ID cards for visitor management. Due to its compact size, the Microcom 360C is portable and easily transportable to trade shows, work sites, and events of any type. Set up is a breeze and toner and supplies are easy to manage. Since the printer is toner-based, you can print on plain paper and a host of other materials. Need a short-run, turnkey full-color print solution? The Microcom 360C is the perfect choice. The Microcom 360C can also be outfitted to handle RFID support for printing and encoding ISO 1443-3 compliant tags.

360C-RFID-Slide-100Need a Fast Wristband Solution?

A portable wristband printer can be useful in a variety of settings. For example, in healthcare settings, it can be used to print wristbands for patients that contain important information such as their name, medical record number, and other relevant details. This can help ensure that patients receive the correct treatment and medication and can also help prevent medical errors. Portable wristband printers can also be used in event management. They can be used to print wristbands that serve as admission passes for events such as concerts, festivals, and sporting events. This can help event organizers manage crowds and ensure that only authorized individuals are allowed entry. In addition, portable wristband printers can be used in logistics and warehousing. They can be used to print barcodes and other identifying information on wristbands that are then attached to products or packages.

360C Uses:

  • Event Wristbands
  • Patient Wristbands
  • Event Ticketing
  • VIP Ticketing
  • Fundraising Events
  • Membership Passes
  • Promotions, Vouchers and Coupons
  • Labels

As you can see the Microcom 360C offers powerful flexibility when it comes to in-house printing. Wristbands, labels, and even tickets can be produced on-site. The Microcom 360C is an efficient, cost-effective solution for in-house printing. To learn more about how the Microcom 360C wristband, ticket, and label printer can enhance your business processes contact Vivid Data Group today.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 16 in

LED, three-color printing (CMY)


600 or 1200 dpi


Up to 6” (152 mm) per second


Continuous Roll, Fan-folded, and Single Sheet


1”-3.4” (25 mm-86 mm)


2.1”-21.7” (53 mm-551 mm)


Up to 3.15” (80 mm)


360C (120v), 360C (230V), 360C RFID (HF)

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