Label Boost Shipping Label Software by Epson

Push What Your Shipping Labels Can Do

Click-Here-30-Day-Free-TrialLabel Boost Shipping Label Software by Epson provides seamless, easy-to-use integration with your Epson ColorWorks® printer and existing Windows-based label printing workflow, allowing you to customize your label output based on shipping label details.

With Label Boost and ColorWorks, transform black-and-white shipping labels into full-color marketing tools that can help increase customer engagement, reduce costs, and improve processes.

  • Grow your business by adding full-color coupons, ads, cross-promotion, and more to your shipping labels. Dynamically choose the messaging you want to attach based on the customer's location, delivery date, or other key variables.
  • Improve processes with secondary labels and highlight critical information on shipping labels to provide clear instructions for packages that need special processing, such as returned or urgent items.

How Does Label Boost Work?

Label Boost Shipping Label Software by EpsonWith Label Boost, designs can be incorporated into shipping labels through rules set by the operator. Use Label Boost in combination with your Epson ColorWorks printer and Windows-based printing software workflow to automatically add graphics or text atop and below shipping label print jobs.

Push what your shipping labels can do! Grab the attention of your customers with colorized deals, vibrant and impactful images, QR codes, special promotions and so much more, with Label Boost.

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Customize Your Labels

  • Customize by Date: Print specific labels for promotions, coupons, or print advertisements based on dedicated holidays or sales.
  • Customize by Location: Include important regulatory or state-specific information depending on the shipping destination.</
  • Customize by Phrase: Use color in shipping labels to call out delivery urgency, such as “Overnight Shipping”, and help drive accuracy in package handling.

For Retailers & Manufacturers

  • Boost engagement with eye-catching ads & coupons
  • Skip the hassle and cost of adding marketing inserts or secondary labels
  • Improve logistics with on-label instructions

For Warehouses & Fulfillment Centers

  • Reduce material cost for regulatory labeling with 2-step printing, or reduce labor costs of dropping in coupon/flyers
  • Create a new revenue stream by selling ad space on shipping labels
  • Provide customers with promotional material directly on the label

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