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All products need labels, right?  All companies want their blank roll label purchasing, color label printing, label finishing, and label application process to be easy and seamless.   Vivid Data Group got its start doing process consulting to streamline customers’ in-plant printing processes. We worked to identify the biggest sources of waste, inefficiency, and errors and helped modernize customers’ color label printing processes. This line of work quickly taught us to identify which printers were helping our customers achieve results and which were negatively affecting their print processes, shipping processes, or most importantly the bottom line. That’s why Vivid Data Group now works with companies to identify the best high-speed, short-run color label printers and other associated equipment for a company to take complete control of their color label printing processes and costs.

Color Label Printers - Color Label Printing

Color Label Printers - Color Label Printing
Color Label Printers - Color Label Printing
Color Label Printers - Color Label Printing

Color Label Printers by Afinia Label

Vivid Data Group’s line of Afinia inkjet color label printers are great for in-plant printing and finishing systems and is widely used on a short-run basis. Afinia has built a reputation for providing quality products that make label printing and finishing easier and more dependable than ever, while never losing focus on your number one overall concern. Many of our customers purchase Afinia solutions to replace “less expensive” ones, reducing ink costs by up to 80% over other inkjet technologies. Ink savings alone has many Afinia printer customers paying for a new printer within six months of implementation. Let a member of the Vivid Data team help you find the right Afinia label printer for your business.

Afinia L801

Color Label Printers - Color Label PrintingAfinia’s L801 Color Label Printer, which features Memjet™ Printing Technology, allows you to save on consumables with great results. The L801 has 1600 x 1600 dots per inch (DPI) resolution and prints at speeds of  60 feet per minute.  It features full CMYK print capability making it an efficient and affordable commercial color label printer option. This printer is perfect for product applications and mid-run inventory. It prints on continuous or die-cut stock from 2 to 8.5 inches in width, in full 1600 DPI color, and at speeds of up to 60 feet per minute. The super-fine resolution makes for crisp text and barcodes, even at very small sizes. This detail, combined with vivid colors and rich blacks, makes labels look sharp and vibrant. The L801 is also compatible with a wide range of paper, polyester, polypropylene, and vinyl label stocks.

Afinia L901

Color Label Printers - Color Label PrintingThe Afinia L901 Color Label Printer enables companies to run a full-color digital label printer in line with a finishing or application system without complications related to mid-job printhead maintenance. This industrial digital label printer can produce full-color prints with stunning image quality at speeds of up to 12 inches per second. Photo-quality images and exceptionally-crisp text and barcodes are printed at up to 1600×1600 DPI via Memjet’s Sirius print engine. Five high-capacity 250mL ink cartridges (CYMKK) over an extremely low ink cost per label.

Afinia LT5C

Color Label Printers - Color Label PrintingThe LT5C CMYK+White Label Printer offers professional five-color narrow-format output for a wide variety of markets. The LT5C is the perfect option for clear labels, and can also print on colored label stock for great results on black, silver, gold, or fluorescent materials. The Afinia LT5C is the first desktop printer on the market supporting white toner. This printer supports up to 5.5″ label material and pairs well with the DLF-140s label finisher. Whether it’s high-durability labels, freezer and cold-storage labels, food & beverages, or household goods, the LT5C from Afinia Label can deliver that and more!

Color Label Printers by Epson

Epson color label printers are widely known for helping to eliminate label waste while significantly reducing the cost of color label printing operations. Waterproof ink, colorfast technology, reliable performance, and compact footprints make the ColorWorks label printers by Epson one of the most powerful industrial color label printers available on the market. The Epson C7500 color label printer is blazing fast at 12 IPS with a resolution of 1200 DPI. This color label printer will produce eye-catching color labels and durable labels that are water-resistant and meet BS5609 standards. 

Epson C6000 & C65000

Color Label Printers - Color Label PrintingThe latest Epson C6000 and Epson C6500 printers are the latest in color label printing technology, offering 4” and 8” models.  Engineered for mission-critical applications, these reliable printers enable industrial and commercial companies to produce high-volume color labels for production use. Featuring up to 1200 DPI resolution, it produces crisp images comparable to pre-printed labels. Compatible with ZPL II, SAP, and more, and built to accommodate remote printer management, this versatile printer offers seamless integration with an existing workflow. It delivers dependable, commercial inkjet printing with fast-drying, durable color inks, and enhanced productivity while offering cost and inventory reduction compared to using pre-printed labels.

Color Label Printers by NeuraLabel

Color label printers by NeuraLabel have been engineered with quality in mind. These printers enable you to print high-quality labels in mere minutes. The reliability of the NeuraLabel color label printing systems gives you the confidence for continued performance day after day. Whether your product line consists of food, beverages, cosmetics, vape liquids, medical devices, or chemicals requiring compliant labels, you will have the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to your business labeling needs. Now you can print the labels you need, when you need them, reducing waste and eliminating wait time. 

NeuraLabel Callisto

NeuraLabel CallistoThe new NeuraLabel Callisto is a versatile high-speed color label printer offering a quick turnaround and maximum flexibility. Engineered from the ground up, the next-generation NeuraLabel Callisto is the most advanced full-color label printer available. Ideal for growing businesses needing a durable in-house label printing system, Callisto produces high-quality durable labels fast, improving operational productivity and eliminating excess inventory. The large 7″ user-friendly touch screen and built-in help options make the Callisto simple to operate and maintain. The durable and lightweight aluminum construction and small footprint make it ideal for the factory floor, an empty cubicle, or the corner office.

Color Label Printers by Primera Technology

Primera’s LX500 Color Label Printer is a quick and easy starter printer for creating full-color CMY labels and is available with a built-in label cutter. It can work with a range of media from 1 to 4.25″ wide and will produce crisp images thanks to the printer’s 4800 x 1200 dpi resolution. It also has a great maximum print size of 4 x 24″ for specialized labels and the printer will accept both roll-fed and fanfold labels or tags. Operation is simple with buttons on the front panel and status indicator lights to alert when ink or media is running low. 


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