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Fanfold Label Material is a great option for larger-sized labels. Similar to roll labels, fanfold labels come on a continuous liner but are stacked and folded similarly to a fan, thus its name. There are usually perforations in between sheets for ease of folding and separation. Typically, fanfold labels can contain more individual labels than rolled labels, as they are used in printing without the need to load them inside a label printer. When using fanfold labels, you can usually place them behind the printer and run them through a slot at the back of the printer to load them in preparation for printing.

Since fanfold labels are not installed inside a printer, they are not limited by the capacity constraints of an internal printer unwind. This can give a price advantage over roll labels because of economies of scale. Fanfold labels can be easier to store as they can contain more labels per box and are densely packed.

Vivid Data Group offers three stock sizes of Fanfold Label Material and can also provide any custom-size label to meet your requirements. Our stock sizes are 5.875″ x 8.375″, 8.375″ x 10.875″, and 8.375″ x 13.875″ and come with 1,000 labels per stack.

Benefits of Fanfold Label Material

  • Fanfold media lets you save space because they are coreless media.
  • Fanfold label packs contain more labels than rolls which allows for less reloading time and higher productivity when you have higher volume labeling needs.
  • Fanfold labels do not come out curled, so it is easier to peel them by hand.
  • Fanfold labels do not require a rewinder as the labels stack themselves during the printing process.

Additional information

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All-purpose permanent, minimum application temperature 23 F, service temperature -20 F to 212 F


5.875" x 8.375" Matte Poly, 8.375" x 10.875" Matte Poly, 8.375" x 13.875" Matte Poly

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