Navigator Harlequin RIP

Xitron’s Navigator RIP Excels in Performance, Reliability & Value

Navigator Harlequin RIP WorkflowAs the leader in Harlequin RIP solutions, Xitron’s Navigator Harlequin RIP excels in performance, reliability, and value and is powered by the latest Harlequin RIP.

PostScript 3® interpreter, Navigator is fully compatible with the most popular software packages used in the graphic arts industry today. Whether your production requires a throughput of PostScript, PDF, TIFF, EPS, or even PDF/X, Navigator supports you.

An easy-to-use graphical interface helps guide jobs through the RIP for output to over 250 film, CTP, and proofing devices, while optional features such as in-RIP trapping, CIP3 generation, and integrated imposition make it a top performer in the most demanding production environments. Navigator RIPs are the pre-press foundation of small print shops, large commercial printers, and multi-million dollar publishing houses around the globe.

Available for PC and Macintosh, Xitron’s Navigator RIP is a solid foundation for your pre-press needs.

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