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Unlock the Full Value of Your Printers

Every printer comes with some sort of print driver, which is the built-in software that helps your printer process data from print jobs. Unfortunately, these drivers tend to be rudimentary and are not well suited to professional print workflows involving rich color palettes, high-resolution images, and large amounts of data. In other words, you do not get the full capabilities or value of your printer if you use the built-in driver. That’s where a Raster Image Processor (RIP) comes in. RIP software is designed to streamline and optimize your printer performance by changing the way your printer “talks” to the computers in your business. RIP software can dramatically change the results you get in two key areas: color and print workflow.

Wasatch RIPWasatch RIP

Wasatch creates innovative products that help different users achieve different goals. No matter what digital imaging business you’re in, how large or complex your production environment is, or what your printing objectives are, Wasatch has the solution for you. With its simple setup, intuitive workflow, and powerful print controls, SoftRIP saves users time and money while producing excellent color.  

Navigator Harlequin RIP and WorkflowNavigator Harlequin RIP and Workflow

Whether your jobs are made up of CMYK, Pantone spot colors, or a combination of both, Northstar gives you the color control you want and the results your customers expect. Applications include envelopes, flyers, brochures, and desktop labels. Productive Navigator RIP and workflow modules are the least expensive components to replace, keeping your system current with modern design and layout applications like CS Cloud.

Unparalleled Color Matching

If you need to produce color images to professional standards, you cannot accept variation from one print job to another or across different copies of the same image. RIP software ensures vivid, consistent color every time:
  • Printed colors match what you saw on the screen
  • Every computer gets its own color profile so print jobs from that machine are consistent
  • The color looks richer & “pops” on printed materials

High-Speed Workflow

Because RIP software changes the way that printers take data from your devices, it dramatically streamlines workflow and cuts print time to a fraction of what you’re used to. Your workflow will be completely transformed:
  • Less setup time & faster overall print time
  • Smoothly handle large, full-color images
  • Simultaneously prep one image while others are processing and printing on the same device
  • Reprints of past jobs go quicker because all processed print data is saved
RIP software reduces waste, gives you control over your colors, and helps you create the highest quality work your business has ever put out. Find out how Vivid Data Group can revolutionize your print process—with the best RIP software and full implementation, customization, training & support services.
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