Blank Roll Labels

Vivid Data Group’s online blank roll labels tool will take you step by step through finding the right label for your application or creating the best label to wow your customers.

Vivid Data Group has what you need for blank roll labels. Our blank roll label experience is the best in the industry. To complement the high-quality printers that we sell, we provide industry-leading materials to give you the best choices and superior quality so you have the right supplies to create that perfect label. Our large selection of blank inkjet label rolls includes continuous and pre-die-cut label sizes, shapes, and materials made to the specifications of your printer. This allows you to create custom labels for your products or other specialized or unique commercial applications.

Blank Roll Labels Shipping Information

Blank roll label orders typically ship within 7-10 business days. Custom blank roll label orders that require new die tooling may take longer. Please contact our customer service team at 855-848-4332, option 1, online chat, or email to discuss expedited production options.

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Why do I want to buy blank rolls and print my own labels?  

Printing your own labels eliminates issues such as lengthy back and forth approval processes, long production lead times from label manufacturers, high minimum order quantities, rush order fees and other associated costs when dealing with an outside supplier.  Customers are usually able to lower their label costs while maintaining control over their supply chain through in-house label printing.  No more waiting on labels to ship and invoice products.  

Paper or Film, what kind of blank roll labels do I need?

Matte Paper blank roll labels are perfect for those who prioritize a non-reflective, understated appearance for their products. Although these blank roll labels function well on flat surfaces, they may tear if you try to remove them. These blank roll labels are best suited for box labels or secondary labels that aren’t customer-facing, unless the “matte” look is what you’re going for.

On the other hand, Gloss Paper blank label rolls offer a sleek and shiny finish that’s sure to draw the eye. Like matte paper they function well on flat surfaces but may tear if you try to remove them. However, it’s worth noting that gloss paper blank roll labels may be more likely to peel up or flag at the corners and ends because paper naturally wants to flatten out. Despite this, they are an excellent choice for customer-facing blank roll labels that need to showcase your product, especially when printed with bright, shiny colors.

Matte Film is an excellent choice for those who need high-quality blank roll labels that are both durable and resistant to water. Made from synthetic materials such as Poly Propylene (BOPP) or Polyester (PET), this type of label is highly versatile and can be used on flat or curved surfaces. Additionally, matte film blank roll labels come in a range of adhesives, including removable / repositionable, permanent acrylic, and extremely tacky hot melt, allowing you to choose the perfect one for your specific application.

In contrast, Gloss Film blank roll labels offer a sleek and professional appearance thanks to their shiny, pearlescent finish. Also made from synthetic materials such as Poly Propylene (BOPP) or Polyester (PET), these blank roll labels are highly resistant to both tearing and water damage, making them ideal for use on all types of surfaces. Like matte film, gloss film labels come in a range of adhesives, including removable / repositionable, permanent acrylic, and extremely tacky hot melt, giving you the flexibility to choose the perfect one for your business needs.

Blank Roll Labels

Having problems finding the exact blank roll label size, shape, or material that you need? A member of the Vivid Data team can help determine if a custom label solution is available to fit your needs. Whether you require fanfold labels or custom roll labels we are available to provide a quote today.

Not sure what you need? Please contact us to request a printed label sample to ensure that the label material that interests you meets both your requirements and expectations for size, appearance, and adhesion. All blank labels are made to order and are subject to our Terms and Conditions.

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