Slitters and Matrix Removers

Going Offline

Vivid Data Group’s matrix label removers and slitters give users the ability to unwind, remove the label matrix from a die-cut label roll, slit and remove the waste material from printed or blank pre-die-cut rolls. Slitters and Matrix Removers are systems that remove the waste matrix from pre-die cut label rolls and then a built-in slitter, slits a large label roll into single label rolls, and winds them onto a core holder.

A pressing roller is positioned above the waste core holder and facilitates the matrix removal from the die-cut roll, reducing the risk of tearing and ensuring more precise operation of the machine. Perfect full-bleed labels can be achieved on pre-die-cut media after the waste material is removed. The production of edge-to-edge printed labels on a roll will become extremely easy and quick.

The main benefit of choosing the offline matrix remover is that it can complete each job without any interruptions that can be caused by a printing engine. Since the media will be loaded into the matrix remover at the beginning of the job, reducing production time making this unit very time efficient. As an offline solution, the matrix removing and slitting operations will not be interrupted if the printer pauses or cuts the media during the standard printing process.

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