Digital Label Printers - You Have Needs, We Have Solutions! 

At Vivid Data Group, we understand your labeling obstacles and the important business needs that go along with them.

Common problems we see:

  • Long lead times
  • High minimums
  • Labels are thrown away because something changed

Vivid Data Group has extensive knowledge and experience in digital label printers and can recommend the best one to solve problems like these. With the revolution of color digital label printers with the introduction of Memjet Technology in 2011 and subsequent releases by Epson and Hewlett Packard, Vivid Data Group has worked with many customers in many industries to implement short-run digital label printer solutions for their needs. We have deep knowledge of the printing equipment and also the materials that go into making the perfect label for you and your customers. On-demand color label printers have had significant improvements and advancements in speed, print quality, ease of use, and affordability. Today, digital inkjet label printers can print beautiful, high-resolution color labels on-demand that are professional print quality with the added benefit of printing them as you need them. Our various color digital label printer offerings from Afinia, Colordyne, Epson, and Neuralabel, as well as our monochrome digital label printers from Sato, TSC, and Zebra, can cover almost any label application required in plants and facilities.

Afinia Digital Label Printers

digital label printer

Afinia digital label printers offer a wide range of options from printers that print a few labels per day up to presses that will print tens of thousands per day. These printers are easy to set up and use. Leveraging HP and Memjet technology, these digital label printers produce high-quality labels at an affordable price. The 1600 DPI resolution is the best in the color label printer industry. With speeds of 12 inches per second, you will never be waiting on labels to get your products out the door.

Epson Digital Label Printers

digital label printer

Epson digital label printers offer a high-performance line of printers designed with pigment inks to be durable yet beautiful. These digital label printers are the first specifically designed to add color to the black-and-white thermal transfer printing process. This ColorWorks Series of inkjet printers deliver on-demand, high-resolution color labels at a price that is comparable or less than pre-printed for color then thermal transfer printed for variable data. They are compatible with ZPL II, SAP®, and more, and can accommodate remote printer management.

Colordyne Digital Label Printers

digital label printer

Colordyne digital label printers ensure that your industrial inkjet label printing and print-on-demand applications are efficient, accurate, and cost-effective. Digital color printing allows you to reduce your pre-printed label inventories by printing labels on demand, instead of ordering them weeks or months in advance. Plus, there are no minimum order quantities. This allows you to print the exact quantity of labels you need, whether it’s one or 1,000. This process reduces costs, waste, and obsolescence from your business processes, warehouse inventory, and supply chain fulfillment operations.

NeuraLabel Digital Label Printers

NeuraLabel CallistoNeuraLabel digital label printers provide high speed and durability, combined with an 8.5” wide HP printhead, to provide an excellent option for large volumes of large labels. The new NeuraLabel Callisto is a versatile high-speed color label printer offering a quick turnaround and maximum flexibility. Engineered from the ground up, the next generation NeuraLabel Callisto is the most advanced full-color label printer available. Ideal for growing businesses needing a durable in-house label printing system, Callisto produces high-quality durable labels fast, improving operational productivity and eliminating excess inventory. The durable and lightweight aluminum construction and small footprint make it ideal for the factory floor, an empty cubicle, or the corner office.

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