ERP Software Solutions

The Most Valuable Tool in Your Business

As a business grows, the relationship between its different resources becomes far more complex. Individual departments or locations no longer have the capacity to track how their work plays into the overall health of the organization. Executives need a bird’s eye vantage of every resource the business has, from raw materials to cash to data on payroll and purchase orders. ERP software provides that advantage.

But implementing ERP software isn’t easy. The program needs to have accurate, real-time access to virtually all data the organization has and must showcase that data in an intelligent, digestible way.

At Vivid Data Group, we don’t just sell ERP platforms. We work closely with your business to deliver an implementation that exceeds your toughest requirements. Benefits of our ERP solutions include:

  • Reduce waste and lower costs
  • Streamline processes and improve results across your business
  • Support top-level decision-making with rich, real-time information
  • Improve data security
  • Boost your business’s agility in a changing market
  • Centralize command and keep your company working as a single cohesive unit

Your ERP Implementation Masters

The key to getting value out of an ERP platform is a smooth implementation. Obstacles to implementation tend to crop up in several areas:

  • Getting the ERP to “talk” to all existing business systems
  • Customizing the ERP or existing applications
  • Maintaining data security across the entire organization
  • Training staff & adjusting business processes to work with your ERP

Vivid Data Group has the experience to navigate all of these challenges. We are veteran process consultants with a focus on improving supply chain efficiency. We routinely implement complex software systems and customize them to work flawlessly at any scale. Our services include:

  • Full installation and configuration
  • Consulting to find the right platform for your needs
  • Customization of software where needed
  • Staff training
  • Ongoing support

We believe in creating lean, scalable systems that will stand the test of time. Find out what we can do for you.

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