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Vivid Data Provides Ink for All Major Color On-Demand Printers

Every Label You Need, When You Need It

If you rely on labels and tags to send out your shipments, you cannot afford to wait for a re-order. We know what it’s like to place an order with a label supplier only to find out they’re out of stock or sit around for hours waiting for them to return your call. That’s why we decided to create a better, faster, simpler label & tag ordering process:

  • All of our products are in-stock at all times
  • We provide same-day shipping
  • We offer same-day service so you can get your questions answered immediately and get your order to you quicker
  • Centralized order processing within Vivid Data Group to fulfill orders quickly

Over Labeling: Cover Up Old Information With Blank Block-Out Labels

Over labeling allows you to:

  • Mask printing mistakes
  • Easily fix grammatical and product errors
  • Update outdated information
  • Labels allow you to discretely hide the printed material underneath.

Over Labeling does require some special requirements, so let Vivid Data Group help you select the best option for your specific application.

The Right Label for Any Job

For years, we have helped our customers produce their in-house labels faster and at a lower cost. We now offer virtually every label type you could need. Our offerings include but are not limited to:

  • Matte paper labels
  • Gloss paper labels
  • Matte film
  • Gloss film
  • Specialty paper labels
  • Product and apparel tags

We are happy to help you choose the right labels or tags to get the best printing results for your product.

Choosing the Right Labels

We believe in providing the best label for every use case:

  • Meets customer requirements. Many customers have minimum size requirements for labels, or even guidelines of the kind of label finish to use. We’ll make sure you get the right one.
  • Great print quality. Some labels hold ink or toner better from certain kinds of printers. Often, this will not only produce better, clearer labels but help you save money on ink costs.
  • Lasting durability. What conditions do your labels need to stand up to? Will they be used throughout the entire supply chain? We can recommend the labels that will keep looking great, even in tough conditions.
  • Lower label cost. Saving you money is the bedrock of everything we do. We help you get the labels that will result in the least reprints and supply chain errors—keeping your operational costs low.

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