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When you need to restock your ink and consumables in a hurry, Vivid Data Group knows that you can’t waste time wondering if your supplier has it in stock—or waiting for them to return your phone call. We carry a variety of inks, printheads, and maintenance boxes for our Afinia, Epson, Colordyne, and NeuraLabel printers. The maintenance box in Epson printers, much like the printhead in the Afinia and Colordyne printers, serves a crucial role in maintaining print quality and preventing ink-related issues. The maintenance box is designed to collect surplus ink that accumulates during printing and print head cleaning processes. When the maintenance box reaches its capacity, it needs replacement to ensure a smooth printer operation. The printer will not operate with a full maintenance box. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep extras on hand.

We also know that times are tight for most companies; that’s why we offer Free Shipping on all orders over $150 (EXCLUDING ALL ROLL LABELS AND ROLL MATERIAL) within the continental United States! Vivid Data Group makes ordering printer ink and printheads simple:

  • Every ink, maintenance box, and printhead listed on our site is in stock right now
  • We offer same-day shipping so your order arrives as fast as humanly possible
  • We provide same-day service to answer your questions and make sure that you get the right ink

Why should I stock up on inks and printheads for my label printers?

Stocking up on inks and printheads for your label printers is essential for maintaining smooth operations and high-quality output. Let me break it down for you:

1. Printheads Importance:

  • Printheads are critical components in label printers. They transfer the desired image onto your chosen print media by spraying, writing, or dropping ink.
  • Different printhead types (piezoelectric and thermal) affect image quality and resolution.
  • Piezoelectric printheads offer precise control over ink drops, creating perfectly formed dots in various sizes.
  • Thermal printheads operate via heat and are suitable for UV-cured, aqueous, and solvent-based inks.

2. Ink Cartridges:

  • Regularly check ink cartridges. Smudged or streaky colored labels indicate low ink levels and may require replacement.
  • Proper ink ensures vibrant, bold, and accurate labels for your products.

What brand of printer do you have?

Choose your printer brand for individual inks or see our Bundled Inks below:

Inks & PrintheadsInks & Printheads
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Every Product You Need

We put quality and service first with all of our products. We’ve spent years helping customers successfully improve their printing processes, and that time has taught us that having the right ink is a must—often, it’s the difference between high print quality and inconsistent, low-quality media. We offer ink and toner for all major high-speed inkjet printer manufacturers, including Afinia, Colordyne, QuickLabel, Epson, Trojan, NeuraLabel, and SATO.

We Provide Inks that Deliver you More Value

We provide inks that deliver you more value:

  • Designed for high-speed printing. Memjet and similar high-speed printing methods eject micro-droplets of ink onto the page, through tiny tubes in the printhead with literally microscopic nozzles. We offer ink that is designed for this purpose and will not clog, clot, or scatter as it’s placed onto the paper.
  • Water-based or pigment-based, to cover any job. We understand that different print applications call for different types of ink. That’s why we offer both water-based and pigment-based inks. Generally, water-based ink will deliver the most striking and vibrant color while pigment-based will be more durable on the page/label.
  • Cost-effective. Controlling your cost is a key part of how Vivid Data Group provides full-color printing for the same or lower cost as your old black and white printing. We offer only inks and toners that are formulated for high-speed inkjet printing to conserve ink, reduce waste, and keep your printing process lean.
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