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Afinia XL Unwinder/Rewinder System


Roll-to-Roll Label Production For High-Volume, Continuous Printing

Built for the Afinia L901/Afinia L901 Plus Printer and high-volume production, the XL – Unwinder/Rewinder System is the ideal system for companies looking to run higher-volume continuous jobs in a roll-to-roll configuration. The Afinia XL – Unwinder/Rewinder System can be used independently or as a complete roll-to-roll system.

SKU: 26681/29110


The Afinia XL – Unwinder/Rewinder System use uprated motors to ensure that heavier rolls can be handled with ease. The XL UW/RWs user-controlled clutch allows for roll tension to be adjusted easily, allowing narrow labels to be rewound precisely without excessive tension that normally causes print errors. The maximum roll diameter of 300mm (11.8 in) allows for a longer uninterrupted workflow, delivering labels directly onto a roll ready for application. Rolls are unwound from and rewound to a standard 3” core. The option to adjust the direction of rotation (clockwise or counterclockwise) allows labels either to be face-in or face-out.

Designed For Heavy Industrial Use

Thanks to their revolutionary design and rugged construction, XL rewinders and unwinders are perfect for high-volume and heavy-duty jobs. Up-rated motors make roll weight a non-issue. The motor is located inside the core holder and—once the job is done—users can easily remove the core holder and printed material.

Product Specifications

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 17 × 24 in
Maximum Roll OD

10' (250mm)

Maximum Media Width

9.4″ (240mm)

Maximum Speed

51 RPM

Core Diameter

3″ (76.2mm)

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