Intelligent Combination with the LABELMATE UNI-CAT-CHUCK Rewinder/Unwinder

The new UNI-CAT-CHUCK Rewinder/Unwinder is the most intelligent and universal winder in the LABELMATE product line and can be used as both a Rewinder and an Unwinder. The UNI-CAT synchronizes with the printer and automatically and imperceptibly changes direction with the printer. This makes the UNI-CAT the ideal companion for printers that back-feed or that are tension-sensitive. In addition, the UNI-CAT is self-teaching and automatically matches the speed of the printer without the need for any operator intervention. The UNI-CAT also senses when the end of the roll is reached and automatically stops rewinding. The rugged, heavy-gauge steel construction of the UNI-CAT enables it to be simply set in place in the desired position. Special anti-slip feet prevent the unit from moving. With various core sizes, label widths, roll diameters, and options to choose from, there is a UNI-CAT Winder to fit virtually any job you may have.

Key Features

  • Max. Roll Diameter: 12” (305mm)
  • Core Diameter: 3” (76mm)
  • Core Holder: Mechanical Chuck
  • Max. Media Width: 6.5” (165mm)
  • Bi-directional “smart” Rewinder/Unwinder – Synchronized with Printer
  • Automatic responsive speed control – Synchronized with Printer
  • Speed up to 50 inches/sec (125cm/sec)
  • Rewind tension control
  • Automatic stop at end of the roll
  • Full 5-Year Parts & Labor Limited Warranty


The UNI-CAT-CHUCK Rewinder/Unwinder can be used in conjunction with several different printer models. The UNI-CAT-CHUCK (80-203-0083) has a maximum label length of 6 inches and works well with the Epson ColorWorks 7500/7500G Label Printer, the Epson C6000 Label Printer, the Afinia LT5C – CMYK+White Label Printer, and the SATO CL4NX Plus Series Printers. The UNI-CAT-CHUCK-220 (80-203-0084) has a maximum label length of 8 inches and works well with the SATO CL6NX Plus Series Printers. The UNI-CAT-CHUCK-10 (80-203-0085) has a maximum label length of 10 inches and pairs well with the Afinia’s L801 Color Label Printer, the Afinia L901 Industrial Color Label Printer, and the Epson ColorWorks C6500A Label Printer. Some of the features of the UNI-CAT-CHUCK Rewinder/Unwinder that are singular to this product are:

  • Self-teaching to work as rewinder or unwinder
  • Supports back-feed process for color inkjet & tension sensitive printers
  • Auto-Speed Adjustment to align with printer speed
  • Bi-Directional for internal & external winding
  • New maintenance-free, soft-touch control panel with LED-Status-Indicators
  • Standard with a paper guide for straight and tight label rolls, no flanges needed
  • CHUCK model comes with the Quick-Locking-Chuck in 76mm  x 170mm as standard (different diameters/lengths available)

Additional information

Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 11 in



6" – UNI-CAT-CHUCK, 8" – UNI-CAT-CHUCK-220, 10" – UNI-CAT-CHUCK-10




UNI-CAT-CHUCK (Media Width 6"), UNI-CAT-CHUCK-220 (Media Width 8"), UNI-CAT-CHUCK-10 (Media Width 10")

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