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Introducing the Epson ColorWorks C4000


Vivid Data Group is proud to offer the best and newest Epson ColorWorks C4000 Label Printer for printing a wide variety of in-house full-color labels.

Wanting to Optimize Your Business Label Printing Process?

Vivid Data Group is your one-stop shop for label printers, business labels, and custom label products like ink, toner, label software, applicators, unwinders, and rewinders for your in-house and industrial printing needs. Used properly, your product’s labels can enhance visibility, cement your brand, save lost time in the warehouse, and even help your end customer. We have dedicated our business to making your in-house printing process easier, faster, and more effective—at a lower cost. We can work with you to select the right printer and label to produce a professional quality label in your facility, when you need it, and how you need it! Purchase premium label printers, labels, inks, software, and accessories by shopping our online store. Whether you are looking for a simple label or ink cartridge to a custom label solution from start to finish, Vivid Data Group can help you fulfill your business needs.

Not Sure What Label Printer is Right for Your Business? Call Us or Email Our Team

Labeling your product has never been easier! Our selection of top brand printers and high-quality labels will allow you to produce the right label for any application. Our selection of top brand label printers and high-quality labels will allow you to produce the right label for any application. Whether you need a basic business label for identification, have a government regulation you must follow, or just an eye-catching customer-facing label, we have the solution that is right for you. Our range of printers can produce from 100 to 100,000 or more labels per day on a wide variety of substrates.

Vivid Data Group Offers Label Printers with Custom Label Printing Solutions for Every Business Model

Vivid Data Group is not just a printer company – our best offering is our ideas and experience in custom labels. We can work with you on your unique labeling problems. We have many different types of labels. We have the “basics” – matte paper, glossy paper, matte film, and gloss film. We have specialty stocks, such as Clear, Silver, Gold, Brown Kraft, BS5609 Certified, wine stock, estate stock, and even holographic. For your label to stick, we have your adhesives that are permanent, removable, repositionable, virtually non-removable, freezer, and designed for wet environments. We have non-pressure sensitive paper and tag stocks for applications that don’t require adhesive. We also have over a thousand dies of various sizes, everything from squares, rectangles, circles, ovals, and other specialty shapes. We can also do any custom shape that you might need for a special package design or logo sticker. We offer stocking programs as well for your custom labels, so you will never have to wait for your order to be produced.

Our portfolio spans consumables for inkjet with both dye-based and pigment-based ink, as well as labels for toner, laser, and LED-based printers. We stock ink and toner for Afinia, Colordyne, Epson, NeuraLabel, QuickLabel, and TrojanLabel printers. We offer same-day shipping up until 3:00 EDT.

Our service program is nationwide. We can provide coverage for most of our label printers anywhere in the continental United States. We offer next day service in many of these areas. We also have a large database of manuals, job aids, and videos from which to access information required to keep your label printer printing labels day in and day out.

Vivid Data Group has also worked hard to identify the tools that make the biggest impact on our customers’ printing processes. Often, we find that the right software can revolutionize your operation, saving money, and giving you a competitive edge while solving basic printing pain points. That’s why we offer leading custom Label Design and Raster Image Processing (RIP) programs. If you need to design and print labels with barcodes and graphics, we recommend solutions such as Bartender, NiceLabel, Teklynx’s CodeSoft, Labelview, and Label Matrix. If you are searching for that perfect color, we use Wasatch and Navigator.

But we aren’t just a vendor. Our core work is consulting with our clients and implementing solutions that streamline your business. We will help you identify the right software for your specific needs, and we offer comprehensive installation, configuration, customization, and training services.

When it comes to labeling software, simply designing and printing labels is a major business challenge for many companies. The challenge becomes a non-issue when you have good labeling software on your side. Labeling software allows you to:

  • Import data from any source
  • Quickly design great-looking labels
  • Easily create barcodes, compliance info, RFIDs, and more
  • Eliminate label errors
  • Reduce lead time & respond faster to changing requirements
  • Avoid compliance fines

Raster Image Processors are used when you need to produce professional-quality print jobs in a complex print environment. RIP software acts as both the rocket engine and AI for your printers, enabling you to streamline workflow and match colors perfectly every time.

  • Faster print setup time
  • Intelligently organized print workflow
  • Colors flawlessly match what you saw on the screen
  • Colors are consistent across all print jobs

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