Why and how should I replace my Microfiber Roller?

Why and how should I replace my Microfiber roller? 

Why Replace It

Throughout the life expectancy of the printhead, a lot of media meets the printhead. This media carries debris and other artifacts across the printhead which can get stuck and cause poor print quality with time. The Microfiber Roller wipes the printhead down and absorbs residual ink left over from past print jobs. Over time this microfiber roller becomes warped and needs to be changed.

How to Replace It

Below are the steps to follow to replace the microfiber roller.

Equipment Needed:

  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Screwdriver - Eye Glass Repair Kit
  • Piece of cardboard / Lint-free cloth

Directions for Replacing Microfiber Roller:

  1. Eject the service tray from the printer (Figure 1) - In order to access the setting to eject the service station – you will need to log on through the touch panel. Enter “Configuration Mode” by selecting the gear found in the lower left-hand corner of the touch panel. Select “Setup”, while in “Setup” scroll down to “Security” and select “Level 2”. The operator will be prompted to enter a password, the password is “123”. At this point in time after hitting enter you can scroll through the “Configuration” menu to option 4 labeled as “Service Station”. Before ejecting the service station lift the hood of the printer as well as the clamshell.

    Figure 1. Ejecting the Service Station
  2. Disconnect the Ribbon Cable (Figure 2) - Slide the latch open on the Service Station Circuit Board to release the Ribbon Cable.
    Figure 2: Ribbon Cable Releasing/Securing
  3. Remove the Service Station - Slide the Service Station out of the Service Station port. NOTE: Do not pull the Station all the way out until you have removed the Ribbon Cable.
  4. After the service station has been disconnected from the ribbon cable and removed from the print engine, place the service station down on a piece of cardboard. The service station holds all of the discarded ink from the printhead and funnels that ink down onto the Ink Waste Absorber.
  5. Remove each of the following four compartments from the service tray (Figure 3):

    • Microfiber Roller (Grey)
    • Platen (Pink)
    • Cap (Blue)
    • PCB Chip (Red)
    • Service Tray (Green)
      Figure 3. Overview of compartments contained in the service tray.
  6. With these components accessible – isolate your Microfiber Roller.
  7. Utilizing a small Phillip’s head screwdriver (Figure 4). loosen, but do not remove the screws, holding the plastic locking clips on the left and right side of the Microfiber Roller in place.
    Figure 4. Loosening screws & unlocking latches holding Micro-Fiber Roller in place
  8. After loosening these screws enough, the plastic locking clips should release. Microfiber Roller is accessible.
  9. Remove the used Microfiber Roller.
  10. Install the new Microfiber Roller.
  11. Lock the plastic latches back in place.
  12. Fasten the screws down.
  13. Assemble the service station components back in the order in which they were removed.
  14. Reconnect the ribbon cable and return the service tray back into the print engine.
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