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What consumables do I need for my Afinia L801?

What consumables do I need for my Afinia L801?

For starters consumables are required items that your Afinia L801 and L801 Plus Label printer needs to maintain full operability. One way to think of consumables is to compare them to the gas and oil your vehicle requires daily/annually to stay running.

Each Afinia L801 and L801 Plus Label printer requires the following consumables:

To ensure your production is never affected due to you being out of a consumable item we strongly encourage that a backup set of ink (C, M, Y, K, K), printhead and service station are always kept in inventory/on hand. In the event you run out of ink, or your print quality starts to diminish having these back up consumables onsite will reduce the need for an unnecessary rush/overnight order and a halt to production.

The PDF attachment below can be utilized as a visual guide to better understand what consumables your printer requires in addition to providing additional knowledge regarding life expectancy of each consumable item. Please note that the life expectancy of each consumable varies on several factors. Those factors include label material, printer use and the customers quality expectations.

By maintaining your label printer with preventive maintenance and switching out consumables as they are needed you will decrease the likelihood of any potential maintenance related issues from occurring. In addition to keeping the printer running at tip top shape with routine maintenance and the swapping of consumables you will in turn be maximizing the production life of the printer itself. Allowing your company to get the full value out of the equipment!

To learn more about consumables and your Afinia L801 and L801 Plus Label printer please keep an eye out for additional Support Blogs on our website. If you have any other technical questions or need to reach out to our HelpDesk they can be reached by emailing or by calling 1-855-848-4332 EXT 2.

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