When Should I Replace My Service Station/Microfiber Roller (MFR)?

Aside from the printhead and ink tanks the next most important consumable is the service station and MFR. Just as the printhead and ink tanks work together to generate the printed artwork. The service station and MFR work together to help protect the printhead, keep the printhead hydrated, and clean the printhead.

The life expectancy of both the service station and MFR vary based on use and preventive maintenance. Our Support Department encourages owners and operators of the Afinia L801 and L801 Plus Label Printer to replace the Service Station once a year and the MFR every other printhead replacement.

What are some indicators that I need to replace my Service Station and MFR?

Over time the excess ink that does not funnel down to the waste absorber will get caught in the service station and need to be cleaned. In addition to this excess ink residing on the service station, it is common for paper dust to also accrue on the service station and MFR. This excess ink and dust will lead to the following:

  • Nozzle outages
  • Poor print quality
  • Slow servicing time
  • Slow boot-up time
  • Wiper overtempt error

What can operators do to combat the behavior listed above?

The first thing operators can do is to keep their unit and paper path free of paper dust and other debris. The paper path should be examined once a week, at least, to ensure no particulates are lingering around. The paper path can be cleaned with a microfiber towel and distilled water.

The second thing that operators can do to increase the life expectancy of the service station and MFR is to eject the service and wash it. Washing the service station should be done in a large sink and be done every six months. It is imperative to wear gloves and have backup towels on hand when performing this cleaning step. By washing the service station, you can extend the life expectancy of the service station immensely. Reference the link below for instructions on how to wash the service station.

How to Wash Service Station

If cleaning the paper path and washing the service station has not rectified the behavior listed out, then it may be time to replace the MFR. Replacing the MFR is a quick easy process that operators can conduct themselves. The only tools needed are rubber gloves, a towel to place the service station down on, and a small Phillips head screwdriver set. The video below will walk you and your teammates through how to replace the MFR in your service station.

How to Replace MFR in Service Station

In the event, your unit is notifying you the wiper motor temperature is too high or the servicing is taking too long or the start-up is taking too long this is a key indicator the motor in the service station is no longer functioning as designed. If this is the case the service station will need to be replaced. The video link below will walk you and your team of operators through how to replace the service station. As with the MFR replacement, you will need microfiber towels and rubber gloves to replace the service station.

If the steps mentioned above, do not work and neither does replacing the service station or MFR in your Afinia L801 and L801 Plus Label printer please reach out to our HelpDesk they can be reached by emailing or by calling 1-855-848-4332 EXT 2.

In an effort to expand our customer’s knowledge base Vivid Data Group’s Technical Support Team will be generating monthly Support Blogs geared towards assisting printer operators by providing them knowledge on how to maintain their equipment in house in addition to techniques and solutions to address common problems and questions that may arise during printing. Check back in monthly to see what new material our Support Department is generating. As always if you would like to touch base with our Support Team they can be contacted by email at or by calling 855-848-4332 EXT 2.

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