What is the Ink Tank "Not Recognized" Error?

In the event, that one or multiple ink tanks are not recognized, or you notice significant print quality issues following replacing the ink cartridge the following information will help walk you through how to rectify these types of problems by cleaning the ink cartridge contacts, prism window, and ink level contacts.

Equipment Needed:

  • Number Two Pencil
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Q-Tips

As a reminder, we encourage customers to keep backup ink sets, printheads, and service stations to limit the potential downtime in the event ink runs out or the print quality begins to dissipate.

Note: These steps can be followed if you have one ink tank giving you issues or multiple ink tanks giving you issues.


  1. Remove the ink tank in question and locate the prism window and electrical contacts on the ink tank (Figure 1).
  2. Once you have identified the prism window and electrical contacts begin by wiping the contacts with a Q-Tip that has been dampened with rubbing alcohol.
  3. After you have cleaned the contacts with rubbing alcohol, take a new Q-Tip with rubbing alcohol on it and gently swab the prism window to remove any dust or debris.
  4. After the ink tank contacts and prism window have been cleaned, take your pencil eraser and gently go up and down each electrical contact.
  5. Prior to re-installing the ink tank into the label printer, identify the ink tank level sensors and ink tank level electrical contact’s for each ink tank (Figure 2).
  6. After locating each ink tank level sensor and electrical contact take a Q-Tip that has been dampened with rubbing alcohol and gently swab the electrical contacts to remove any dust, ink, or debris that may be residing on them.

Ink Tank Related Issues

Figure 1, Ink Tank Contact & Prism


Figure 2, Ink Tank Level Sensors and Contacts (Inside Machine View)      


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