Are there benefits to having an annual support contract?

Are there benefits of having an annual support contract?

The following Support Blog will break down the many benefits of having a support contract and why it is so valuable and cost-effective for you to keep one.

What does the support contract provide?

The support contract provides each customer with direct access to both premier virtual and onsite support. If a Vivid Data Group Technical Specialist determines that your printer can not be repaired virtually a technician will be dispatched on-site. The response time of the technician is generally a 24 to 48-hour response time (the response time is based on the Tech’s workload and travel time).

Does the Contract Offer Replacement Parts?

The support contract covers nonwearable parts. So any belt, board, motor, gear, and or sensor in the machine that goes bad, or breaks will be shipped to the customer's location the next day at no charge to the customer for the dispatched Technician to replace. Any consumable items i.e. printheads, service stations, microfiber rollers, and ink waste pads are not covered in the support contract.

In addition to both virtual support, onsite support, and coverage for all nonwearable parts the support contract also allows for one preventive maintenance visit scheduled at the customer’s request.

Is the support contract a smart buy even if I still am operating under the first-year manufacturer warranty? 

The warranty provided by the manufacturer only covers parts and the cost of the freight shipment for the unit back to the customer. Having the support contract coverage and the overlapping first-year warranty, allows the customer to have replacement parts covered in addition to having the cost of the freight to and from the customer covered as well. This also protects the customer in the event that the unit is not field repairable and needs to be sent back to the manufacturer.

Still on the fence about deciding whether to purchase a support contract? Below is the cost analysis of having a technician come onsite to conduct the below repairs and preventive maintenance with a support contract and without a support contract.Support-Contract-Table-vs2

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