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TEKLYNX Software

Powerful Label Design and Integration Software For Beginners All The Way Up To Advanced Users

Vivid Data Group recognize that not all companies’ labeling requirements are the same. Some users need labels with straightforward text, images, and barcodes, while others’ needs are more complex due to scalability or label regulations. TEKLYNX is here to help and offers barcode label creation software to suit your business’ needs as they evolve. Intuitive wizards make it easy to design labels and print them quickly and accurately. As your business needs evolve, you can easily transition to TEKLYNX enterprise label management solutions. Below are the three types of TEKLYNX software that we provide and a comparison chart to help guide you to the right software descision.

 CODESOFT – For Complex Labeling Requirements

  • Complex database connections
  • RFID, scale integration, VBScripting, document printing, & more
  • Entry point to enterprise solutions

LABELVIEW – For Mid-Level Labeling Requirements

  • Directly click & print labels
  • Powerful Form Designer tool
  • Smart interaction label design

LABEL MATRIX -For Simple Labeling Requirements

  • Familiar Windows interface
  • Simple design & print functionality
  • Guided wizard assistance

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