Service Station Maintenance

Can I Do Preventive Maintenance On My Own Service Station?

Yes, operators can perform maintenance on their service stations. We encourage our operators to clean and wash the service station out twice annually and replace the service station and microfiber roller at least every other printhead swap out. Let us understand what the purpose of the service station is in the first place.

printer service station maintenanceThe function of the Service Station is to ensure the printhead is protected from debris and paper dust while also working to keep the printhead hydrated. The parts of the Service Station that help to keep the printhead protected and hydrated are the:

  • Cap – Blue Dot
  • Print Platen – Burgundy Dot
  • Microfiber Roller & Motor – Yellow Dot
  • Service Station Tray – Grey Dot
  • Service Station PCA Board – Purple Dot

Washing and cleaning the service station is necessary mainly because of the amount of paper dust, additional debris, and ink build-up that accumulates over time and through use. If this left-over debris, paper dust, and ink does not get cleaned up over time, your operators may notice an increase in print quality issues and longer printhead servicing times. The link below will walk operators through an in-depth review of how to clean and wash their service stations.

How to Wash Your Service Station

The only component within the service station that can not be washed with sink water is the microfiber roller and motor please make sure to remove this part of the service station prior to washing. After washing the service station and waiting for it to dry. Remove the microfiber roller from the motor assembly, with the microfiber roller removed take the motor assembly to a trash can and run distilled water down along the metal cylinder so that the water runs down and away from the motor and into the trash can. Keep a finger on the metal cylinder to keep it from falling out of place, if this happens it could keep the service station from operating as designed and lead to service station jams within the printer. At this time, you can either re-install the old microfiber roller once the metal cylinder has dried or replaced the microfiber itself with a brand-new microfiber roller.


***Key TakeAways ***

  1. When should I wash my service station? We advise all operators to wash the service station twice in a calendar year.
  2. When should the microfiber roller be replaced? The microfiber roller should be replaced after every printhead swap out.
  3. How can I wash my service station? Click on this link for an in-depth walk-through on how to successfully clean and wash the service station.
  4. Who can I call if I need help? Our Technical Support Department can be reached M-F 8 AM to 5 PM. The best way to reach them by phone is by calling 855-848-4332 EXT 2 or by emailing!
  5. How can I order a replacement Service Station & Microfiber Roller? Send a purchase order to stating the parts you need or use the links on this page to go to our website store.


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