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Lower Operational Costs, Faster Customer Response Time & Central Control

Vivid Data Group helps enterprises reduce costs and improve flexibility with customized all-in-one labeling and printing solutions. The results of our printing solutions speak for themselves:

  • On-demand printing across your organization
  • Centralized management and control of labeling
  • Role-based access to templates and data
  • Approval workflows & traceable/auditable printing records
  • Intuitive label design
  • Database Integration and Automation support

Integrate Marketing Messages with Product Packaging

What Do Your Labels Say About You? We believe that labels can do more than just get your product to the right destination. In a world of beige boxes and black barcodes, a full-color marketing message makes your product stand out. With the right printing technology you can produce vibrant, branded messages on labels across your entire product line—anywhere in the world. The result? Packaging that grabs consumer attention, showcases your product’s benefits, and helps drive sales. At Vivid Data Group, we help our clients integrate full-color marketing content to all labels, …Read More

Improve Print Workflow Efficiency with Color Matching Software

Many enterprises invest significant resources in high-quality printers to create brilliant marketing images in-house. Unfortunately, much of the value of these printers remains “locked away” when they’re used solely with their out-of-the-box print drivers. Drivers have limited capacity to match the colors you’re printing to what’s on the screen and do not have the ability to streamline or control print workflow. As a result, your printing process may suffer from a variety of problems: Printed colors do not match what was on the screen …Read More

Reduce Cost of Business Envelope, Sheet & Form Printing

Short-run, in-house printing is used for a lot more than labels. A typical world-class organization prints hundreds or even thousands of short runs of forms, business envelopes, and datasheets, typically in-plant at multiple locations. While in-plant printing has the potential to keep costs low, many organizations find that it also introduces complexity to the printing process and carries countless misprints, overprints, and added costs. These costs add up quickly—but they can be prevented. That’s why Vivid Data Group works to streamline our clients’ …Read More

Extend Standardized Labeling to Your Business Partners

Your organization may work with dozens or hundreds of supply chain partners across the world. Without a centralized labeling system, every one of these partners carries the risk of a labeling error—complete with shipping mistakes, warehouse pains, and costly compliance fines. Centralizing your labeling standards within your own organization is meaningless if you cannot extend the benefit to your business partners as well. That’s why Vivid Data Group offers complete standardized labeling for an unlimited number of partners. At Vivid Data Group, we architect …Read More

Improve Process Efficiency & Data Accuracy

Many of our customers come to us with legacy systems or dozens of decentralized printing processes. Often, these outdated systems continue to get labels printed, but with enormous maintenance and support costs. A typical decentralized system slows down response time to changing customer requirements and allows errors to creep into labels because no single master data source is being used. Choices regarding label format and design are made on the spot by staff around the world, often with little consistency. The result is operational bloat, siloed printing procedures …Read More

Improve Agility & Customer Responsiveness

Your customers are your greatest asset—and they have needs. When it comes to labels, those needs can change rapidly. Customers count on your labels to guide shipments, meet regulatory requirements, steer the product in the warehouse, and play nice with inventory and fulfillment systems. Every barcode has to be correct and every customer requirement must be met. If it’s not, your customer will look for a more responsive supplier. That’s why Vivid Data Group focuses on agility in label design and printing. We believe that the value of your …Read More

Meet Regulatory Compliance Requirements for Labels

Accuracy of your label data goes far beyond getting your product to the right place. Labels serve double and often triple duty by showing safety warnings, ingredients, nutritional information, date stamps, and more. Much of this information is required by law, often with different formats in different countries and languages. An error can carry substantial non-compliance consequences—and frustrate the customer. At Vivid Data Group we help organizations achieve labeling compliance, with central control over label format and content—including secure templates, automated updates, and elimination of manual entry. Our …Read More

Standardize Labeling Across Your Enterprise

More leading companies are recognizing the benefits of standardizing their labeling system. Customers look for consistency in the product they receive and count on your labels to manage their inventory. Likewise, government bodies demand certain specifications and can levy substantial fines for non-compliance. Your company cannot afford to use labels that are inconsistent, inaccurate, or do not meet standards. The advantages of standardized labeling include Brand and label consistency across all products. When different locations or divisions handle their own labels, human creeps in and inconsistency becomes the norm. This leads to …Read More

Improve Human Interaction by Integrating Color into Labels

We believe that color has power. Full-color labels naturally grab the eye, demanding attention in a way that black and white text, grayscale images do not. A more colorful label means a better customer experience, more marketing power, and fewer mistakes in the warehouse and throughout the supply chain. At Vivid Data Group we believe every organization should have access to affordable full-color labels—and we can make it a reality for your company. In the past, going full-color was a difficult choice. Short-run color printing was …Read More

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