Epson Digital Label Printers 

Epson is one of the most trusted and reliable brands of inkjet label printers and widely preferred by our clients.  Our team at Vivid Data Group is happy to help guide you to the perfect Epson label printer to meet your short-run label printing needs.

Benefits of Epson Inkjet Digital Label Printers

  • Lower the total cost of ownership for printing labels for your business—up to 50% less total labeling cost than equivalent laser printers and thermal printers.
  • Rugged construction and reliable performance outperform other digital inkjet printers.
  • Using PrecisionCore® inkjet technology, Epson digital label printers offer eye-popping colors and print quality that is as colorful and professional looking as digital labels printed by commercial printers.

Epson Digital Label Printer “ColorWorks" Line

Epson digital label printers are known for highly waterproof resistant pigment ink, colorfast technology, reliable performance, and compact footprints making them some of the most powerful digital label printers for industrial applications available on the market. These digital label printers produce eye-catching digital labels to impress your customers and durable labels that meet BS5609 standards for chemical labels for water resistance.

Epson Digital Label Printer - C7500 Series

digital label printer

Epson digital label printers are known for highly waterproof resistant pigment ink, colorfast technology, reliable performance, and compact footprints making them some of the best printers in the world. The Epson C7500 Digital Label Printer is blazing fast at 12 IPS with an exceptional resolution of 1200 DPI. This digital label printer will produce eye-catching color labels and durable labels that are water-resistant and meet BS5609 standards for water fastness. The C7500 can also eliminate expensive pre-printed labels by using the Epson built-in ZPL-II emulation with the ability to automatically merge artwork that is loaded in the printer’s memory. This eliminates the need for costly pre-printed labels with long lead times in traditional thermal transfer applications.

Epson Digital Label Printer - C7500 or C7500G

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The question is which Epson C7500 model should you buy?  The Epson Digital Label Printer C7500 or C7500G? The answer depends on the application for your label.  The C7500G is made primarily for printing on gloss inkjet materials (hence, the “G”), and will also print on matte inkjet materials. The “G” offers the most flexibility, as the C7500 will not print well on gloss materials.  However, there are two advantages of the C7500.  First, it will print darker on matte inkjet materials, and has more of a true black.  Second, it has BS5609 certification for GHS Dangerous Goods Labeling applications.  Regulations on certain products in the chemicals industry and other industrial applications require this designation.

Epson Digital Label Printers C6000 & C6500

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The Epson C6000 and C6500 printers are the latest in digital label printing technology, offering 4” and 8” models.  Engineered for mission-critical applications, these reliable printers enable industrial and commercial companies to produce high volume color labels for production use. Featuring up to 1200 DPI resolution, it produces crisp images comparable to commercial pre-printed labels. Compatible with ZPL II, SAP, and other ERP platforms, and it is also built to accommodate remote printer management, this versatile printer offers seamless integration with an existing workflow. It delivers dependable, commercial inkjet printing with fast-drying, durable color inks, and enhanced productivity while offering cost and inventory reduction compared to using pre-printed labels.

Which Version of the Epson C6000/C6500 Digital Label Printer Do You Need - Automatic Cutter or Peeler?

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Both models come in two options, the “A” with an automatic cutter and “P” with a peel and present feature.  If you are printing rolls of labels that need to be rolled up when finished and applied at a later time by hand or with an applicator, then the “A” version is the one you want.  If you are looking to print one at a time and have it presented to your operator peeled and ready to apply, then the “P” is the version with this functionality.

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