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Afinia Digital Label Printers 

Afinia is an exceptionally reliable and trusted brand for digital inkjet label printers and widely used by our clients. Our team at Vivid Data Group is happy to help guide you to the right digital label printer to meet your specific requirements and short-run label printing needs.

Afinia Digital Label Printers - Benefits of Ownership

  • Lower the cost of your production process for your business—cut your costs for printing labels in half for the equivalent laser and thermal printers.
  • Solid construction and reliable performance - outperform other digital inkjet printers in terms of print cost, speed, and quality.
  • Digital color label printers offer brilliant color resolution and the print quality that is as colorful and professional looking as labels created by commercial printers.

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Afinia Digital Label Printers by Memjet – Inkjet

Digital Label Printers powered by Memjet are industrial machines that are ideal for short- to medium-range print runs. Our available models are the L701, L801, and L901. You can print prime and secondary labels in large volumes with ease for a variety of applications. They print on continuous or die-cut stock in full CMYK color from 2 to 8.5 inches in width and at super-fast speeds of up to 60 feet per minute. The ultra-high-resolution makes for crisp text and barcodes, even sizes down to four points. When you combine sharp text with vivid colors and rich blacks, your digital product labels will look sharp and professional. These digital label printers are compatible with a wide range of paper, polypropylene, polyester, and vinyl label stocks in a variety of finishes such as matte, gloss, brown kraft, clear, shiny silver, matte silver, gold, and holographic.

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Afinia Digital Label Printers - By HP – Inkjet

Digital Label Printers from Hewlett Packard is a great entry and mid-level devices. The L301 is good for starting out and the L502 is a great mid-level machine. The L502 is one of the most versatile machines on the market in that it can use dye-based ink or pigment-based ink. You can produce vibrant digital labels using or durable labels with the same machine simply by switching out the ink and printhead. The L502’s all-steel industrial cover makes it heavy-duty enough for industrial environments. The window allows the user to visually see into the print bed and monitor the status of the print job. It also includes improved sensors for greater compatibility with special media, such as reflective metallic material. The L502 comes in the standard roll-fed model and a fanfold material compatible version.

digital label printer

Afinia Digital Label Printers - Laser with White Toner

Digital Label Printers using laser technology are the most advanced full-color digital label printer with the added capability of printing white. The five-color Afinia LT5C – CMYK+White Label Printer gives you infinite creative options to make unique and special labels to set your product apart from the competition. This feature enables you to use several other media color options beyond just white. Your labels made from black vellums, clear polyesters, natural kraft, metallic and neon papers, and traditional media, will now have the same pop and color thanks to being able to add a white layer under images and text. The highlight of this digital label printer is that it is a tenth of the price of other printers that have the same capabilities.

digital label printer

Afinia Digital Label Printers - Mailing and Packaging

Digital Label Printers can also be used in packaging and mailing applications. The Afinia CP950 Envelope and Packaging Printer is built using Memjet Sirius print technology for impressive speed, exceptional quality, and proven reliability. This latest innovation allows the printhead to be adjusted up and down from 3 to 10.5 in (76–266 mm) and allows for printing substrates of varying thickness up to 10 mm.

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