UID Labels

Make Your Products Comply with Military Guidelines

Since 2010, virtually all products supplied to the US military must bear a Unique Identifier (UID) label. This affects all contractors to the Department of Defense and any branch of the United States Armed Forces. Failure to comply with the UID rules could result in having your shipments returned or your payment is frozen. Vivid Data Group can help you produce your own UID labels in-house and achieve flawless compliance.

Which items need UID labels?

According to DFARS 252.211-7003, any “tangible” products must bear a UID tag, sometimes also called an IUID. This includes products in five categories:

  • Products that cost more than $5,000
  • Any product managed by serial number
  • Anything considered “mission-critical”
  • Anything that’s part of a controlled inventory
  • Any consumable products or materials that require permanent identification

In practice, if your product is a physical item, it almost always needs a UID under these guidelines.

What information needs to be on a UID label?

The DoD rules (MIL-STD-130N) for UID tags are fairly straightforward:

  • The label must include a Unique Item Identifier (UII) number in the form of a 1D Matrix barcode
  • There must also be a human-readable form of the UII (a string of numbers typically below the barcode)
  • The UII must be registered with the DoD and stored in their IUID database
  • The label must remain on the product and legible for the lifetime of the product

These rules present two major problems for manufacturers and suppliers:

  • The need to create accurate, barcoded labels on demand
  • The need for durable labels that will stay on the product long-term

Vivid Data Group specializes in helping businesses meet these and other label needs, in-house, with no hassle and low printing cost.

UID Labels Made Easy

You do not have to outsource your label production to an expensive print shop, nor do you need to waste hours painstakingly creating labels. We help you streamline label production and eliminate labeling errors:

  • Use state of the art label design software to create or update labels in minutes
  • Automatically add barcodes to every label
  • Eliminate manual data entry and human error
  • Print labels on-demand with high-speed, low-cost label printers
  • Produce rugged, durable labels and finish with lamination where needed

Vivid Data Group can even help you integrate full-color printing at the same or lower cost as traditional black and white. This allows you to color-code your labels to further reduce errors, or integrate branding information directly on UID labels. UID labeling rules are complex, but compliance doesn’t have to be.


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