Kanban Card Labels

Produce Your Own Kanban Cards On-Demand

Kanban CardKanban Card labels offer a simple, visual way to track parts and products throughout your business. Originating in Toyota, the kanban or “visual sign” is a small card-like label that shows crucial inventory or workflow information. Anyone in the manufacturing business knows the advantage that these visual, tactile reminders offer. Unfortunately, for many companies, they also come with costs, frustrations, and production difficulties. At Vivid Data Group we can help you change that.

We believe that your business should be able to quickly, effortlessly produce kanban labels on-demand and in-house. We give you everything you need to do that:

  • Software to design kanban cards in minutes
  • Printers to create kanban cards on-demand
  • Total customization, configuration & technical support

Kanban Card Labels That Do More

Some kanban labels contain nothing more than the product number and very little else. While these kanbans can get the job done, they also deprive workers of the visual and textual information that made kanban cards so effective in the first place. At Vivid Data Group, we can help you produce better kanban cards:

  • Integrate full color and include a product image or color-coded information
  • Include a product description or other textual information
  • Design your kanban cards in minutes using an intuitive design wizard
  • Print from perforated rolls of labels and avoid issues cutting 8.5×11” paper
  • Produce your kanban cards faster
  • Print in full color for the same or lower cost as traditional black and white printing
  • Make your kanban cards as you need them, in the quantities you need them, and avoid wasting floor space on storage

Make Your Printing Process Pain-Free

Kanban cards should help your organization save time, streamline processes, and keep up with inventory and orders. They shouldn’t cause headaches, create waste, or become so pared down that they’re useless. Find out how Vivid Data Group can revolutionize your kanban printing.


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