Replace Your Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer Printer With Inkjet

The Better Barcode Solution

Are you searching for a cutting-edge solution for a Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer Replacement solution to enhance your shipping label printing experience? Look no further than the Epson C4000, Epson C6000, and Epson C6500 series printers. These printers represent a significant leap forward from traditional Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer Replacement printers. Combine the power of color with the innovative Label Boost software to add a new dimension to your shipping labels!

Label Boost Software is a powerful tool designed by Epson to enhance shipping labels. Label Boost software transforms black-and-white shipping labels into full-color marketing tools. With Label Boost, designs can be incorporated into shipping labels through rules set by the operator. Use Label Boost in combination with your Epson ColorWorks printer and Windows-based printing software workflow to automatically add graphics or text atop and below shipping label print jobs.

Push what your shipping labels can do! Grab the attention of your customers with colorized deals, vibrant and impactful images, QR codes, special promotions and so much more, with Label Boost.

Grow your business by adding full-color coupons, ads, cross-promotion, and more to your shipping labels. Dynamically choose the messaging you want to attach based on the customer's location, delivery date, or other key variables.

Improve processes with secondary labels and highlight critical information on shipping labels to provide clear instructions for packages that need special processing, such as returned or urgent items.

Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer Replacement

High-Performance Label Printing

The Epson C4000 is a versatile hi-resolution full-color label printer. The C4000 can produce labels up to 4.3” wide and utilize a variety of label media. Its small footprint and light weight make it perfect for trade shows and conferences. It even offers wireless capability! The Epson C6000, a robust 4.25" wide label printer, comes with the option of a cutter or a peeler module. Meanwhile, the wider Epson C6500 handles labels up to 8.5" wide, accommodating even the most substantial carton labels at lengths of up to 23". These inkjet printers eliminate the need for label reprints caused by ribbon crinkling or replacement, ensuring efficiency and cost savings.

Superior Printing Quality

Say goodbye to common barcode readability issues. The Epson C6000 and C6500 boast an impressive 1200 DPI compared to the standard 203 or 305 DPI, ensuring barcodes that read flawlessly every time. This advanced feature eliminates the need for costly reprints and chargebacks, providing a substantial return on investment.


Seamless Integration and Versatility

Compatible with ZPL II, SAP®, and more, these printers seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow. Choose between the cutter and peel-and-present module versions based on your specific workflow requirements. External unwind and rewind modules are also available for larger rolls or label rewinding needs.

Cost-Effective Maintenance

Unlike traditional printers, these inkjet wonders reduce maintenance costs significantly. There's no ribbon to replace or crinkle, and the permanent printhead eliminates the need for costly replacements. Epson's Precision Core technology ensures the dependability of this solution.

Spare-in-the-Air Service Program

Epson's award-winning Spare-in-the-Air (SITA) service program adds an extra layer of reliability. If our technical support team can't resolve your printer issues during a support session, a replacement unit is shipped Next Day Air, minimizing downtime and reducing disruptions to your shipping processes.

Cost-Competitive Label Material

Discover cost-competitive label materials tailored to your requirements. For your varying and unique label requirements, we have material that is cost-competitive to your current direct thermal or thermal transfer material. You can order it from our website HERE. If the size you need is not listed or if you have a specific material need, give us a call and we can process the order for you.

See Epson in Action

Watch the video below to see how Epson internally replaced over 50 Zebra Printers in their Indianapolis distribution center, showcasing the seamless integration and efficiency of this cutting-edge technology.

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