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Barcode Label Printing

Barcodes are a necessity for any manufacturer or distributor. But getting the right barcodes on your products, making them error-free, and getting them to scan correctly throughout the supply chain can be a problem. Vivid Data Group helps you generate accurate, clean barcodes as efficiently as possible—without the frustration.

Vivid Data Group offers:

  • Barcode printers
  • Barcode and label design software
  • Process consulting
  • Installation, training, customization & tech support

How do I decide what kind of barcode printer to use?

We believe that your barcode printer should directly support your business needs. Some companies need robust, high-quality brand labels while others just need a barcode that will survive the supply chain. While there are hundreds of barcode printers on the market, most fall into one of three categories:

  • 200 DPI Barcode Thermal Transfer Printers. A thermal transfer printer uses heat to print low-quality black-and-white-only images, similar to a receipt printer. 200 DPI refers to the resolution of the printer, meaning it can put 200 “dots” of black ink in a single inch of space. 200 DPI printers are low resolution, and they can appear grainy or pixilated. They work fine if all you need is a bar code and you can make it relatively large. If you need to save space on your label, however, you need a higher resolution.
  • 600 DPI Barcode Thermal Transfer Printers. These printers work exactly the same except they are much higher resolution. At 600 dots per inch, they can create sharper, crisper barcodes that are easier for scanners to read. They can also make the same barcode much smaller than the 200 DPI version without losing integrity. However, they are still unable to produce striking graphics or colors.
  • High-Speed Inkjet Printers. We recommend these printers for anyone who needs an all-in-one in-house short-run printer. Our high-speed inkjet printers can print in vivid full color, at the same or lower cost as traditional black and white printing. They can produce the same simple barcodes as a dedicated barcode printer, but can also integrate full-color logos, product images, and more.

What’s the best way to produce barcode labels?

If your labels are going to be used in the supply chain or at a retail location—basically for any external use—you have to get a barcode number from GS1, the organization that keeps barcodes uniform around the world. You will also need a way to design labels and generate barcodes for each one. We recommend making all of this automatic by using label design software.

Vivid Data Group offers cutting edge label design programs with many benefits:

  • Create new barcodes in seconds
  • Design or update labels in minutes
  • Automatically produce a unique barcode for every label
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Eliminate duplicate barcodes and labeling errors

Pain-Free Barcode Labels

Creating barcode labels for your products should be an afterthought. We can help you streamline your process, produce your barcodes in-house, and lower your costs.


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