Adding Color With the Epson C6000 & C6500 Series Printer

Infuse Your Shipping Labels With Vibrant Colors

Vivid Data Group is thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking solution to infuse color into your shipping labels using the Epson C6000 or the Epson C6500 series. This innovation not only elevates the quality of your printing but introduces the dynamic element of COLOR to your labels.

High-Quality Printing with Color

The Epson C6000, a reliable 4.25” wide label printer, is available with a cutter or a peeler module. Meanwhile, the Epson C6500, a wider version, accommodates labels up to 8.34” wide. Unlock the potential to add messaging in color to your traditional monochrome shipping labels. Highlight shipping methods like Next Day Air, Two-Day Air, and Ground, or apply distinctive colors for special designations.

Epson-Cyber-Monday-with-Warning-ColorRegulatory Compliance and Special Handling

Meet regulatory requirements by printing messages such as Globally Harmonized Solution (GHS) or special handling instructions on the same label. Optimize label space by combining a 4x4 GHS pictogram with shipping information on a 4” x 10” label, eliminating the need for separate labels. The full-color capability allows printing red-striped borders for GHS labels and providing special shipping instructions like "Fragile" or "Priority."

Marketing Opportunities

Leverage the power of full-color printing for marketing purposes. Design and print a variety of messages—cross-sell complementary products, advertise events, offer coupons, or include QR codes for easy access to related URLs. Enhance user engagement with reorder information and instructional content.

Cutting-Edge Technology

These inkjet printers eliminate label reprints due to ribbon issues. The permanent printhead requires minimal maintenance, printing up to 1200 DPI for high-quality barcodes, avoiding costly reprints and chargebacks.

Manufacturer1Seamless Integration and Versatility

Compatible with ZPL II, SAP®, and more, these printers seamlessly integrate into existing workflows. Choose between cutter and peel-and-present module versions based on your workflow. External unwind and rewind modules, along with RFID encoding units, can also be added to provide flexibility and customization.

Spare-in-the-Air Service Program

Epson's award-winning Spare-in-the-Air (SITA) service ensures minimal downtime. If technical support can't resolve issues, a replacement unit is shipped Next Day Air, reducing disruptions to shipping processes.

Cost-Competitive Label Material

Discover cost-competitive label materials tailored to your requirements. For your varying and unique label requirements, we have material that is cost-competitive to your current direct thermal or thermal transfer material. You can order it from our website HERE. If the size you need is not listed or if you have a specific material need, give us a call and we can process the order for you.

Witness the Innovation

Watch the video below to see how Epson internally replaced over 50 Zebra Printers in their Indianapolis distribution center, showcasing the seamless integration and efficiency of this cutting-edge technology.


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