Nutraceutical Product Labels

Get More From Your Nutraceutical Product Labels

Nutraceutical Product LabelsNutraceutical Product Labels have to serve double duty, meeting marketing, and compliance needs often in a very small space. We believe that it’s possible to create striking, effective labels in-house—and save substantial money doing so. That’s why we can help you optimize your label production process to meet all of your business needs:

  • FDA compliance
  • Vivid, eye-catching branding
  • Easy label production & low printing cost

FDA Compliance Made Easy

Nutraceutical products face more scrutiny than almost any other class of consumer goods. In the United States, the FDA has set forth a veritable encyclopedia of Nutraceutical product labeling rules, including disclosures that must appear on every label and quality standards for the labels themselves. Other countries have equally complex guidelines. We help make end to end compliance a realistic, cost-effective goal:

  • Label design software that lets you design labels in hours, not weeks, using just a handful of templates. Effortlessly add standard compliance info or translate your labels between languages with a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Standardized labeling lets you keep one master template and master data for all labels printed across your organization.
  • High-quality materials always in-stock so that your product passes any FDA inspection.

Make Your Product the First One They See

Nutraceutical product labels have to stand out in a crowded, competitive marketplace. Our focus at Vivid Data Group is in helping our customers produce striking full-color labels on-demand in your facility. We offer high-speed inkjet printers capable of producing the highest quality full-color labels at the same or lower cost as traditional black and white printing. We also offer finishing equipment so that even custom designed and cut, laminated labels can be produced in-house. You get labels that “pop” and a lower operational cost.

Vivid Data Group Nutraceutical Product Labels

At Vivid Data Group we believe that great Nutraceutical labels have power. A well designed, full-color Nutraceutical label can draw the customer’s eye and get them to notice your product first. Let us show you what Vivid Data Group can do for your Nutraceutical labels.


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