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Medical Marijuana Labels

Following the Law

medical marijuanProper medical marijuana labels and packaging is crucial to compliance with state laws. Each state has its own requirements, and they differ significantly. This forces cannabis and recreational marijuana suppliers to meet complex medical marijuana labeling standards, often facing substantial labeling costs and a high risk of error. And as the laws change, the labels must change too. This is why Vivid Data Group offers great solutions to enable in-house medical marijuana label printing and management. Our solutions allow your business to:
  • Print all medical marijuana labels/recreational marijuana labels in-house at your production facility
  • Maintain a single central database of all medical marijuana label templates
  • Make label changes at the template level and instantly push them out to your entire operation—across all states if needed
  • Track the medical marijuana labels used by the state and make immediate, central changes to all labels when a state requirement changes
Our goal is to enable you to reduce your total label costs while streamlining your labeling process. We believe you can maintain full compliance with all your medical marijuana labels / THC labels, and we provide you the tools to do so. Labeling shouldn’t be a pain point.

The 3 Biggest Challenges to Medical Marijuana Labels

medical marijuanAll legal marijuana companies must ensure that their products are child-proof, tamper-proof, and labeled according to local laws. In many cases, the labeling cost far outstrips the cost of meeting the packaging guidelines themselves—but it doesn’t have to. The three biggest hurdles we see for medical marijuana companies are:
  1. State-by-state regulations. The main states where legal cannabis products are sold include California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Michigan. Each of these states has its own unique labeling requirements. Cannabis suppliers run into trouble when attempting to use either “generic” labels that cover all possibilities, or when trying to maintain separate, up-to-date label templates for each state without a single source of truth.
  2. Errors when changing labels. Cannabis laws change constantly. When they do, old label templates have to be updated and much be put into use uniformly across your organization. This can take a lot of time and money and also create perfect conditions for costly errors.
  3. Inefficient label management process. Many cannabis companies find that changing their labels is a process that takes weeks or months. This may be because they have no labeling software or because their current label management platform is difficult to use.
Because of this, medical marijuana companies often outsource their labels, a costly solution that slows production time, drives up costs, and leaves you with a stock of outdated labels when state laws change. Vivid Data Group gives you an alternative. Our marijuana label solutions allow you to:
  • Maintain a small number of label templates and swap information as needed for each state
  • Use a secure central database as the single source of truth for all labels printed organization-wide—with changes going into effect in real-time
  • Make medical marijuana labels in hours, not weeks

Start Saving Money on Your Medical Marijuana Labels Today

In-plant label production can be painless, even when you add new products every month. Let Vivid Data Group help you achieve effective, low-cost labeling for:
  • Cannabis Leaf
  • Vape Products
  • THC Oils & Extracts
  • All other legal marijuana products

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