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Food Labels

Make Your Food Labels Stand Out

Food Labels

Competition in the food industry is fierce, and your label is your billboard. At Vivid Data Group, we help our customers produce color labels on-demand. We make it possible for you to print better looking, more cost-effective labels in-plant—no matter what kind of labels you need.

Customized Labels, Printed In House

We believe that in-house printing provides a powerful cost advantage to any company in the food industry. You do not need to outsource your label printing even for unique, eye-catching custom labels. We can provide you with everything you need to produce them at the plant where your food products are created:

  • Label design software. Design beautiful labels in a single day with intuitive, drag-and-drop label design software and powerful customization options.
  • Finishing equipment. Even if your labels have a custom shape or require special finishing, you can produce them in-house—on a desktop-sized machine with no need for dies.

Achieve FDA Compliance

Food Labels

Regulatory compliance is the most important labeling consideration in the food industry. Labels must fit perfectly with guidelines set by the FDA and other regulatory agencies worldwide, or you may face fines, returned shipments, or even product recalls. Vivid Data Group helps you achieve flawless compliance at all levels:

  • Ingredient & nutrition labeling requirements. We can simplify your label design process so that you can easily create or update labels with all the information that’s required by law—in any language.
  • Label materials. The FDA also has requirements about the types of inks, materials, and adhesives that can be used in food labels. We can help you identify an effective, low-cost solution and get you the supplies you need.

Reduce the Cost of Color Printing

Every consumer-facing food label should be in beautiful full color. But how much does your color printing cost you? At Vivid Data Group, we can help you cut that cost—dramatically. We offer high-speed inkjet printers that can create striking full-color labels up to fifteen times faster than your previous equipment—at the same or lower cost.

Vivid Food Labels

At Vivid Data Group we believe that great food labels have power. A well designed, full-colored food label can draw the customer’s eye and get them to notice your product first. Let us show you what Vivid Data Group can do for your food labels.

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