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DIY Short Runs

As the number of juices and products they sell increases, E-Juice label companies face growing label costs. These costs are magnified by the strict government regulations that every e-juice/vape company must meet. The result is that many e-cigarette companies outsource their label production, a costly practice that slows production time and leaves you with a large inventory of extra labels. At Vivid Data Group, we believe there’s a better way.

E-cigarette label printing

Our mission is to make it easy and cost-effective for your company to produce your own in-plant e-juice labels. We provide the equipment, software, and expertise needed to cut your labeling costs and improve turnaround time—while maintaining error-free compliance.

Key benefits include:

  • High-speed, low-cost in-house printing
  • Cost-effective full-color label printing
  • Brand smarter and make your products gain recognition
  • Release new flavors quickly, without worrying about label production
  • Eliminate label errors

E-Juice Label Printers That Keep Up with the Job

At Vivid Data Group, we specialize in offering high-quality label printers for short-run, in-house variable printing. We understand that e-juice suppliers often need to produce labels for dozens or hundreds of different products in a short space of time. Vivid Data Group offers printers that can produce thousands of color labels per day—at a much lower cost than outsourcing.

We can help guide you to the printer that will work for your specific e-juice label needs:

  • Use matte, gloss, or specialty labels
  • Produce branded packaging labels completely in-house
  • Print the exact quantities you need, when you need them
  • Produce labels for new orders with same-day turnaround

Lifecycle Label Management for E-Juice Labels

One of the biggest hurdles for many e-juice suppliers is not printing itself, but the complex logistics that go into managing e-juice labels. Major challenges include:

  • Maintaining accuracy and keeping all labels up to date
  • Responding quickly to changes in labeling requirements
  • Managing label changes across a wide inventory of products
  • Turnaround time for label changes and adding new product labels
    e-cigarettes labels

This is why Vivid Data Group provides e-juice label management solutions. We believe that top-performing printers should be coupled with simple, effective software to streamline your labeling operation. We offer label management systems with full support for e-juice clients.

Benefits of this system include:

  • Manage hundreds of labels with a small number of templates kept in a central, secure database
  • All labels produced in your organization draw from a “single source of truth” database
  • Label changes can be made in hours, not days
  • Quickly respond to new or changing government requirements
  • Release new products without worrying about label production times

The end result is lower labeling costs, reduced errors, and a more agile operation.

Make Your E-Juice Labels Stand Out Today

With e-juice and e-cigarette products, your label is your brand. Start producing labels that are visually striking, cost your company less money, and keep you in control of your product information. With in-house e-juice label printing, you can not only create striking branded labels at a fraction of the cost, but you can also easily change out seasonal or event-based labels to drive promotions. It’s simply a more powerful way to brand your product—and reach your customer.

Vivid Data Group has the experience to help you streamline your e-juice label printing.

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