Beverage Labels

Let Your Labels Do the Marketing

Beverages today don’t just quench thirst. They stand for something. And when your customers reach into the beverage cooler at the store, you need to make sure they notice your message first. Vivid Data Group can help you produce better, more striking beverage labels, completely in-house.

Beverage Labels
Moisture-Resistant, Temperature-Hardy Labels

Beverage labels need to stand up to serious conditions. Virtually all beverage products will spend part of their life cycle in coolers, and many will go through temperature changes multiple times before being consumed. They will also encounter moisture and condensation and need to hold up for the end consumer. That means using durable, water-resistant labels—and you can print those labels yourself.

Vivid Data Group helps our customers set up the in-plant label printing and finishing equipment that allows you to use virtually any kind of label, cut it to custom shapes and dimensions, and finish it with lamination to make the toughest label possible. We believe that you can realize substantial savings and streamline your labeling process, without sacrificing label quality.

Reduce the Cost of Color Printing

Any branded label has to be in color. But color printing does not have to drive up your costs. We help our customers implement high-speed, full-color inkjet printers that print labels faster at a dramatically lower cost while allowing dynamic content. In many cases, you can create striking full-color labels for the same or lower cost as a black and white label.

Beverage Labels
Vivid Beverage Labels

At Vivid Data Group we believe that great beverage labels have power. A well designed, full-color beverage label can draw the customer’s eye and get them to notice your product first. Let us show you what Vivid Data Group can do for your beverage labels.

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