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Bath and Beauty Product Labels

Make Your Labels Work for You

Bath and beauty products face some of the toughest labeling challenges of any consumer product. They must meet stringent compliance requirements, they need to hit just the right tone for your target audience, and they need to stand up to humid conditions after they’re purchased. At Vivid Data Group, we help you print your own labels in-house—with better results. We can help you make bath and beauty labels that are:

  • Cost-Effective
  • Visually Striking
  • Durable
  • Regulatory Compliant
  • Consistent & Error-Free

Get Your Customers’ Attention

Bath and beauty products are sold on their message as well as their active ingredients. Your labeling needs to support your brand and your product’s story. An ideal label will put the focus on the kind of life the consumer wants to live and the way they want to feel. We can help you accomplish that completely in-house:

  • Comprehensive label design software that makes beautiful, functional labels as easy as drag-and-drop
  • Lower cost of full-color printing with our high-speed inkjet printers
  • Clear labels so your customers can see the product at a glance
  • Equipment to produce labels in custom shapes in-house

Labels That Last Longer

One of the biggest problems for bath and beauty products is that they are typically used or kept in humid conditions. Many will be directly exposed to steam or hot water from showers or kept in the bathroom. Other beauty products will live in your customer’s purse and need to stand up to substantial wear and tear. Your brand depends on your label continuing to look good at all times.

We offer solutions to help you make your labels stand up to the toughest conditions:

  • Gloss finish labels for striking color and water resistance
  • Finishing equipment to laminate your labels
  • High-quality materials for labels that last longer

Vivid Bath and Beauty Product Labels

At Vivid Data Group we believe that great bath and beauty labels have power. A well designed, full-color bath, and beauty label can draw the customer’s eye and get them to notice your product first. Let us show you what Vivid Data Group can do for your bath and beauty labels.


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