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What do short-run label jobs cost you?

Usually, when people talk about label printing they mean offset, flexo, or large-format presses. This type of printing equipment works well for large scale jobs, but on short-run jobs, this type of equipment is not cost-effective. Such equipment can make it expensive, even cost-prohibitive, to produce labels for customers in-house. Vivid Data Group understands the challenges that label producers face, and has identified the label printers and finishing equipment to help your print shop fulfill short-run label jobs more efficiently and increase profit margins.

Short Run Label Production Capability

Short-run label printers can print labels of any kind:

  • Proof copies
  • Product labels
  • Logistics & compliance labels
  • Barcodes
  • Branded labels with marketing content

Our labels printers allow you to produce high-quality labels on-demand, in any batch size—even just a single label. Short-run label printers can save you money on most print runs up to 10,000 labels.

Flawless Label Proofs, Quick Turnaround

One of the biggest problems with offset or large-format printers is the cost of producing proof copies ahead of a large job. Proofs are a must in any industry, but the math simply doesn’t justify printing one or two labels on such an expensive printer. Vivid Data Group can help you select the right equipment to produce proofs at a fraction of the cost, whenever you need them:

  • Use a Wasatch color profile/RIP program to perfectly match colors between your label printers and your large-format press
  • Use a high-speed label printer to generate as many–or as few–proofs as you need
  • Go through dozens of iterations without raising the per-page printing cost
  • When a proof is approved, print the whole job on a label printer or the traditional printer of your choice

Integrate Full Color on All Your Labels

To save money on label printing, many label producers use black and white printers or even thermal transfer printers. These printers produce grainy low-quality images like those found on receipts. We offer high speed, full-color label printers that transform your labels:

  • Color code your labels to reduce warehouse errors
  • Include full-color product images
  • Brand your labels to make your product stand out
  • Print full-color labels for the same or lower cost as traditional black & white

Return on Investment (ROI)

Label producers understand that there are costs involved in producing short-run labels. If you have found yourself outsourcing work or printing labels on flexo, offset, or large-format presses at a loss, Vivid Data Group can help! The right label printing equipment can pay for itself in as little as one year by using it for printing proofs and for short-run label printing.

Let Vivid Data Group Help You

At Vivid Data Group, we don’t just sell label printers–we design solutions. We can help you streamline your print operation, control your costs, and improve your compliance rates.

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