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Reduce Turnaround Time with On-Demand Label Printing

Reduce Turnaround Time with On-Demand Label Printing

Ship Your Product Faster, Every Time

Printing your labels in-house isn’t just about saving money. It also saves time. Vivid Data Group offers on-demand, color printers, and the systems to optimize your label printing from start to finish. Benefits of in-house label printing include:

  • Total on-demand printing. Your customers want you ready to ship as soon as they place an order. The longer your lead time for printing labels, the longer it will take you to get their order out the door. If you want to be on-demand for your customers then your printing needs to be on-demand for you. By handling your product labeling in-house, you can reduce lead time and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Fast product releases. Are you releasing a new product line? Or are you handling distribution for a product you need to get to market as quickly as possible? Product releases need to go smoothly and quickly, and label printing never has to cause delays again. Use on-demand color label printing to launch products rapidly.
  • Easy product testing. Sometimes you need to test products before doing a large-scale launch. You may want to test two different versions of the marketing and packaging, or two different products, or simply feel out whether there is a market for a new product before manufacturing them on a large scale. Our printing solutions allow you to do very small runs of labels for test products and get your test products out the door immediately.
  • Deliver faster than your competitor. Your business isn’t the only one working to optimize time-to-market. Our printing solutions can give you the shortest lead time in your industry.

The Right Equipment for the Job

Printing in-house requires two things: the right printers and the right systems to support them. At Vivid Data Group, we specialize in high-speed inkjet printers using technology from Memjet, Neuralabel, and Epson. All of these printers offer high-resolution, process color printing incredibly high speeds—often more than 10x as fast as traditional inkjet printers. This technology also reduces the amount of ink used per label, eliminating waste, and saving money. Our on-demand, color printers offer the same or lower print cost than conventional black and white, thermal, or laser print solutions.

But your lead time is not determined by your printer alone. Design time can also be an obstacle. At Vivid Data Group, we offer intuitive label design to get your complete software that will get your complete start-to-finish print time down to the bare minimum. You can design accurate, attractive labels in seconds using professional templates and simple drag-and-drop layouts. Import data from Excel, your database, or existing labels to eliminate manual entry and minimize mistakes.

Vivid Data Group is your on-demand source for on-demand printing. Our goal is to give your company attractive full-color labels that reduce errors down the supply chain and get your product shipped as fast as possible.

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