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Reduce the Cost of Short-Run Label Printing

Reduce the Cost of Short-Run Label Printing

Every manufacturer has a need for short-run, full-color product labels. The quality, cost, and accuracy of these labels are key to your business, and printing them in-house is the most cost-effective way to produce them—if you have the right tools. Unfortunately, many businesses have found themselves struggling to produce short runs of labels, and experience either high printing costs, slow printing times, or issues with labeling errors. That’s why Vivid Data Group exists: to make your label printing better and cheaper.

Get the Right Solution for Your Business

Every business’s label printing needs are different. At Vivid Data Group, we have the experience to supply out-of-the-box or customized solutions to streamline your short-run variable printing process. Some of the ways we help our customers include:

  • Easily design your own labels. We focus on giving you and your operators the tools to create and print labels with ease. Our label design software allows you to design labels on a single screen, using intuitive design wizards and a drag-and-drop format. Start with a ready-to-use template; import data from Excel, your database, or existing label templates; and drop in the images, warnings, or information you need. Use a single template to produce multiple labels at once, saving hours.
  • Use the right equipment for the job. At Vivid Data Group, we know printing—and we know that different technologies are right for different businesses. When you contact us, we don’t just try to sell you the latest or most expensive printer. We listen to your specific labeling needs and help you choose a model and type of printer that will meet them. We pride ourselves in saving our customers money and exceeding your expectations.
  • Get print jobs done faster. Our high speed, short-run inkjet printers are designed to put out great-looking labels in a fraction of the time. We can find you a printer that will print your labels faster and cost you less per-label.
  • Reduce label errors. The cost of a single labeling error can be high. We eliminate labeling errors by giving you label design solutions with less manual entry, easier data merges, more top-down control, and secure templates.
  • Total compliance, every time. Do your customers have strict labeling requirements? Have you ever lost money to compliance fines, or lost a customer because of labeling errors? We will help you implement a label printing process that safeguards against typos, outdated information, incorrect barcodes, and other compliance issues.
  • Create durable, wear-resistant labels. How well will your inkstand up to weather, shipping, handling, wear, and time? Will they still be legible three steps down the supply chain—or on the shelf? We can recommend the right type of ink, label, and printing process to maximize durability. Whether it’s a standard supply chain label or a “pretty” customer-facing label, we can make it last longer.

Integrate Full-Color at Lower Cost

At Vivid Data Group, we specialize in full-color integration at the same or lower cost as your existing technology. Our high-speed inkjet printers produce vibrant, full-color labels at a lower cost than many traditional black and white printers. Color labels can convey powerful marketing images, make your products recognizable, and eliminate human error throughout the supply chain.

We believe that in house label printing should save you money, not waste it.

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