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Reduce Cost of Business Envelope, Sheet & Form Printing

Reduce Cost of Business Envelope, Sheet & Form Printing

Fast, Consistent Forms Across Your Supply Chain

Short-run, in-house printing is used for a lot more than labels. A typical world-class organization prints hundreds or even thousands of short runs of forms, business envelopes, and datasheets, typically in-plant at multiple locations. While in-plant printing has the potential to keep costs low, many organizations find that it also introduces complexity to the printing process and carries countless misprints, overprints, and added costs. These costs add up quickly—but they can be prevented.

That’s why Vivid Data Group works to streamline our clients’ printing processes across not only label printing, but all in-plant printing needs. We build high performance, low-cost systems that give you consistent, error-free printing in all of your locations.

We create solutions that are:

  • Standardized. Get consistent labels, envelopes, and forms from every plant or supplier—including third-party business partners.
  • Centralized. Retain central control over all printing, from a single master copy of data to central monitoring of print runs.
  • Automated. Staff and suppliers can design and print forms in minutes with software that automatically chooses the right template, format, and language.

How It Works

At Vivid Data Group, we don’t offer off-the-shelf solutions. We look at your organization’s current printing process and reverse-engineer the system that will streamline it. We make it easy to deploy standardized forms across your entire supply chain, realizing savings through reduced printing errors, better compliance, reduction of delays in receiving goods, and no more maintenance of dozens of plant-specific applications.

Benefits of our systems include:

  • Integrate master data on all forms. Don’t let data imports become a supply chain mess ever again. Vivid Data Group builds solutions that use your secure master data as the single source of truth on all forms, envelopes, and sheets anywhere in your organization, or your business partners’.
  • Eliminate manual entry. Manual entry introduces human error, label misprints, and costly reprinting or compliance fines. Our systems allow for seamless data integration, automated data imports from Excel or a database, even extracting data from existing forms. Reduce manual entry and you reduce costs.
  • Automatically design consistent, great looking labels. Our software uses business logic to automate design and optimize printing. The program will look at data attributes and automatically choose the correct formats, printers, and other variables. Staff can proof the print preview and get the job printing in minutes.
  • Seamless performance across all printers & systems. We design solutions that are infinitely scaleable. We offer built-in business connectors and seamless integration with any printer and any business system, including ERP programs.

Great Efficiency, Lower Costs

Vivid Data Group has helped clients in all industries including consumer products, industrial products, food products, and medical devices. Every solution we create starts with listening to your challenges and exploring the most cost-effective ways to eliminate those challenges. We then offer full implementation support, from installation and configuration to training and ongoing support for your staff.

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