Save Thousands of Dollars with our Demo Sale

Vivid Data Group Is Having A Demo Sale

You can save thousands of dollars off the standard price of these units. Vivid Data Group is offering $2000 dollars off the QuickLabel QL-120, and $10,000 dollars off the Trojan T2C Desktop Label Press.

QuickLabel Kiaro! QL-120

With the QuickLabel Kiaro! QL-120, you have the ability to create custom-print label packaging at 1200 x 1200 dpi color, flexible print widths of 0.5” to 4.2”, on an as-needed basis, and cost-effective manner. QuickLabel's Kiaro! QL-120 features enhanced print speed, seamless integration into desktop or enterprise platforms, and high-quality color labels that rivals flexographic labels. Perfect for: food & beverage, biomedical product, nutraceutical, hardware, e-liquid, personal care products, cosmetics, promotional products labeling, and more.

Click Here: Kiaro! QL-120 Flyer to view the brochure.

Trojan T2-C Desktop Label Press

The Trojan T2-C Desktop Label Press prints at a superior print resolution of up to 1600 dpi. With a print width of 2” to 8.8”, labels can be printed in multiples or as one large label in a print run. Its impressive print speed of up to 12 inches per second, or 60 feet per minute, allows users to generate extremely large runs in a short period of time. With a 4-foot square footprint, the Trojan T2-C easily fits into any size print department. The T2-C provides labels suitable for commercial use and prime labeling. Perfect for: brand owners, print shops, and smaller label converters looking to add high-resolution color inkjet labels to their portfolio.

Click Here: Trojan T2-C Flyer to view the brochure.

All demo units come with free shipping and a DOA warranty. Please contact one of our sales associates at 855-848-4332 or to find out how much you can save on one of our demo models.

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