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Afinia L502 Ink Promotion

For every Afinia L502 purchased between now and September 30, 2020, Afinia is adding an extra complete set of inks to each order, a retail value of over $140.


Effective immediately, Afinia L502 shipments will include a free set of inks. This will be in addition to the standard set of inks that ship with each printer. The extra set of inks will be placed inside the printer box, in a labeled box that looks like this:

If you are purchasing a dye ink version, you can get a free set of dye inks. If you are purchasing pigment, then the free set will also be pigment. We cannot mix and match pigment and dye, because that would require a second printhead as well. If you are ordering an L502 with both pigment and dye inks on the same order, then by default, the second set will match the SKU listed on the order (e.g. PN AFINIA L502 Color Printer – Dye will get a second set of dye inks, PN 35410 AFINIA L502 Color Printer – Pigment will receive a second set of pigment inks).

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