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Muratec PLS-675i

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Muratec PLS-675i

The Muratec PKG-675i is a digital packaging printer that prints on flexible packaging, such as bags and pouches, and corrugated materials, such as folding cartons, displays, and traditional boxes.


Manufacturers use the PKG-675i to bring both primary and secondary packaging in-house and help increase their flexibility. With five print heads, the PKG-675 can accommodate variable widths up to 42″ with high-quality, four-color printing.

By adding Muratec’s PKG-675L packaging laminator, products requiring full surface laminating, such as food packaging, can be brought in-house. Laminating packaging improves the material’s strength, making it more tear-resistant. It also provides protection during the distribution and storage process. In addition, laminated packaging better protects its contents from outside elements, such as light and moisture, while preserving key qualities, such as freshness and aroma.

  • Superior build; it’s robust and reliable.
  • Unique and user-friendly interface.
  • Safety sensors on access doors ensure compliance with strict health and safety guidelines.
  • Generous access doors make changing inks and maintenance an easy process.
  • Print software allows the user access to ink levels and automatic consumable alerts.
  • Included high-powered desktop allows users to install variable data software and alternative RIP solutions as business needs develop and grow.

Product Specifications

Weight 2205 lbs
Dimensions 96 × 96 × 72 in

5.91" or 11.81" / second (150 or 300 mm/second)


1600 x 1600 dpi


7.48' x 7.72' x 5.28' (2280 x 2352 x 1610


Laminator: 2425.08 lbs. (1100 kg), Printer: 2204.62 lbs (1,000 kg)


42" (1066 mm)

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