Label Boost Software for Epson ColorWorks Printers

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Your Shipping Labels Reimagined, with Label Boost

Label Boost Software for Epson ColorWorks Printers can help grow your business with increased customer engagement as well as reduce material and labor costs and streamline operations. Transform your existing black-and-white shipping labels by adding full-color coupons, targeted ads, and secondary labels such as regulatory or shipping-and-handling labeling. You can also highlight critical information, such as parcel count or expedited shipping, to promote accuracy and timeliness of delivery.

A software solution designed for hassle-free deployment, Label Boost allows the bulk of your label creation process to remain the same, modifying your existing label only at the very last step before printing. It works alongside your existing shipping software so your delivery operation can continue to run seamlessly. Label Boost software is compatible with most ColorWorks printers, ensuring your labels are printed with exceptional image quality that’s worthy of your brand.

Ready to boost your shipping labels?

  • With Label Boost, you can add dynamic and colorful promotional content, help reduce operational costs with integrated secondary labels, and highlight critical information
  • A compatible PC and supported ColorWorks printer is required—see product specifications under the Additional Information tab for details


LabelBoost-02_800x800With Label Boost Software for Epson ColorWorks Printers, transform black-and-white shipping labels into full-color marketing tools that can help increase customer engagement, reduce costs, and improve processes.

  • Elevate your brand — help increase customer stickiness and engagement by including promotions, product announcements, and cross-promotional opportunities on your shipping labels
  • Reduce operational costs — for businesses adding secondary labels, helps reduce associated material and labor costs while improving shipping processes
  • Improve shipping accuracy — highlight critical information on shipping labels to provide clear instructions for packages that need special or expedited processing
  • Dynamic content — automatically choose the messaging you want to attach based on the customer’s location, delivery date, or other key variables
  • No-code integration — easily fit within your existing workflow; compatible with ZPL-driven software used by many national couriers, as well as labeling solutions such as BarTender and Loftware
  • No recurring software fees — own your solution with confidence

Additional information


Compatible with Epson ColorWorks CW-C4000, CW-C6000 and CW-C6500 Series printers

Operating System

Windows 11 Professional
Windows11 Enterprise
Windows 10 Professional
Windows 10 Enterprise


Intel Core i5 8th Gen Process at 2GHZ or higher

Hard Disk and Memory (Minimum)

Hard drive:  1GB free HDD space
Memory:  8 GB DDR4 RAM

Display Resolution

1024 x 768 (minimum)
1920 x 1080 or better (recommended)

Label Software

FedEx Ship Manager
UPS WorldShip

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