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Epson 1-Year Spare-In-The-Air Service Plan


Overview of the Epson 1-Year Spare-In-The-Air Service Plan

  • Available for these Epson Printers – 6000A, 6000P, 6500A, 6500P
  • The agreement needs to be purchased within the first 30 days of the printer purchase
  • Available for years one through five.
  • Customers will need to provide Epson Technical Support their SITA account number, device serial number, product model name, shipping information, and e-mail address.
  • Customers call Epson Technical Support to triage and diagnosis the problem. If the problem is unable to be resolved over the phone/virtually. Epson Technical Support will issue an RMA for the faulty device and send the customer a return shipping label.
  • Customers must send the faulty device back to Epson Technical Support within ten days of receiving the replacement device or Epson will invoice the customer for the replacement device in full.
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